BT Broadband and Facebook

  ArrGee 16:07 29 Sep 2009

Just out of interest, is anybody else out there on BT Broadband and having problems with being unable to access the Facebook Site? I have tried on a desktop and 2 laptops to no avail (same network and using HomeHub). Based in Brighton (if that makes any difference). Thanks in advance.

  premier man 16:09 29 Sep 2009

Ican`t get it either,web site gone down??

  ArrGee 16:12 29 Sep 2009

I just chatted via MSN to a friend in Zurich who is chatting with people from the UK on Facebook. But I didn't go as far as asking if the friends are on services other than BT, as some are not tech-savvy enough to know!!

  ArrGee 16:14 29 Sep 2009

I am now sitting in a bar which has a BT Broadband connection too, and still cannot access Facebook. Can anyone else confirm (if you don't mind)?

  legalrep 16:16 29 Sep 2009

Yep same problem for me, facebook has been down since about 9 o'clock this morning!

  ArrGee 16:19 29 Sep 2009

Cheers. That's about the same time it went down with me too. I won't close the thread just yet, incase someone has any further info.

  anchor 16:56 29 Sep 2009

Working OK for me on Pipex, (now TalkTalk), here in NW London. Just logged in normally.

  Miké 16:56 29 Sep 2009

and can't get on Facebook, was ok last night.

  premier man 16:57 29 Sep 2009

So it seems to be BT Broadband is the problem.!
is anyone not on BT Broadband down ??

  lofielectronic 17:08 29 Sep 2009

Been down for me since about ten this morning too. BT Business Broadband. Working ine on O2.

  premier man 17:33 29 Sep 2009

My Facebook now back on

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