BT broadband ;does it go 'offline' at night?

  p;3 10:43 06 Jan 2011

Whilst I appreciate that Bt Broadband is supposed to be an always on service,I note that, especially at night times, connecting to the Broadband is not always possible; for instance, last night I was unable to connect at all,but, come a new day, the Service is available; I had my two green arrows last night but they refused to connect.Come thsi morning they connect to the Broadband instantly

Does anyone else have this 'problem'and is it an 'oddity' with BT Broadband?

  bjh 10:46 06 Jan 2011

More repairs and maintenance are done during the night, so the service tends to be less reliable at night for most providers. Having said that, that normally means brief loss of service a couple of times a year. Might be major works updating your exchange???

  anniesboy 10:57 06 Jan 2011

Im not with BT ,but their routers have a power save option ,is that function "on".
click here

  p;3 10:59 06 Jan 2011

I do not have a Router but an ADSL Modem; the intrigue is the two green arrows that tell me I 'have a connection'were trying to flash to connect but...failed... but come morning it was instant!!!!

I did reboot several times also but that made no difference..

  xania 16:12 06 Jan 2011

I'm with BT Broadband and frequently on-line ubtil just after mid0night with no problems. Next time, ring their help desk as soon as the problem arises and get them to talk you through a solution. I have found that their help desk is among the best around.

  rawprawn 16:44 06 Jan 2011

Go to your account and check that "Power Save" option is not set to turn your router off at night,

  rawprawn 16:46 06 Jan 2011

Router settings Log in click here

  mooly 19:15 06 Jan 2011

I'm with BT and find it super stable.

Could it be an issue with your ADSL modem as it sound like you are not using the BT Home Hub.

When BT upgraded my connection my previously faultless HomeHub V1 kept dropping out and speeds reduced from 6.5mbs to around 2mbs. I mentioned it and they sent me a new V2 hub and that performed faultlessly with no other changes, speeds consistently at 16.5mbs so it seems the hub/router/modem etc could be critical to correct operation. Maybe if things are marginal it's even more important.
Just a thought all that, not based on any real proof :)

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