BT Broadband disconnecting

  ACOLYTE 16:50 28 Apr 2005


All of a suden my BT BB keeps disconnecting it will work for different lengths of time and then suddenly disconnect as if it loses the signal and i have to redial i checked what i can think of and ran the online BT Help test and everything is ok,there and on mp pc,anyone have any other thoughts as to what it can be?

  rawprawn 17:12 28 Apr 2005

The modems can play up sometimes, mine is not always reconised when I turn the computer on. Have you got the latest drivers for it ?

  The Old Mod 17:13 28 Apr 2005

Hi Acolyte, when I first signed up for BT bb I had a simular problem. I checked everything my end and did the line test. The online help was good and after they got me to try several things all to no avail, they sent an engineer to my house. He checked the junctions and said that there was a bad connection at the main junction box up the road,he put that right and I have not had a problem since, this was several months ago now.All i can say is keep trying the help line, and if the problem persists hopefully they will send out an engineer.

  The Old Mod 17:16 28 Apr 2005

Sorry, I meant the help line by phone, not online!

  ACOLYTE 17:28 28 Apr 2005

Thx for the responces, i do have the latest drivers i downloaded them and installed them and the modem is working fine and is recongnised ok by windows,im leaning towards a fault on the line
as i have been with BT for 3 years and this the first time i have had any problems with my connection,and nothing has changed on the pc that could have affected the modem.Its just that the BT test says my connection is good and there is no problem.I have not rang the helpline yet as i wonted to check with you guys and maybe save the phone bill,lol.

  Graham ® 17:54 28 Apr 2005

Emphasize to BT that it is an intermittent fault, if they are your ISP sending an engineer to check things should be easy.

One other thing, radio interference could be a suspect - again, an engineer will be able to fit a suppressor to rule that out.

  The Old Mod 18:05 28 Apr 2005

The line test was ok when I had my problem, so as Graham says persist with BT, and they will send an engineer.

  dogbreath1 18:15 28 Apr 2005

There's an interesting thread click here
which is investigating a similar problem. Also there's a specialist BB forum click here which may be of use to you if you don't get things sorted here.

  ACOLYTE 18:57 28 Apr 2005

That thread made interseting reading it does have similarity to my problem,the modem type and connection but i have had the 2Mb line for 6 months and this is the first problem i have had,i have download the Booster pack and installed it and as far as i can tell made no difference i still got dissconected a few minutes ago,it does however not dissconect quite so much now like every 30/45 minutes somtimes longer.Im thinking now it may be a filter that is iffy on one of the other phones sockets but as i dont have a spare i cant explore that idea,would this cause random dissconects?
Thx for your help thus far e1.

  outlawbabs 20:25 28 Apr 2005

I had the same problem and it turned out to be one of the filters,solved it for me :-)

  ACOLYTE 22:26 28 Apr 2005

Ok,im going to tick this as solved because i borrowed another filter from a friend and it hasnt D/C one after that so i must have been the filter,sorry for not checking that and wasting your time should have checked.Thank you for the help in any event.

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