BT Broadband - could do with some technical advice

  Mark-335400 14:46 14 Jul 2006

Signed upto broadband about a month ago (afer moving house) but experiencing loads of problems........
When i do manage to connect (DSL light static) sometimes if I lift the phone to make a call (6 week old phone)the connection drops and the DSL light flashes, but soon as phone is replaced connection is reastablished (tried 3 different phones from parents house too)

I have bypassed the telephone extensions which I have fitted myself with new sockets and wire by removing the bottom half of the BT master socket and moving the modem to the front of the house (where the master socket is located) and plugging the modem into the test socket and it works ok HOWEVER if i leave the modem next to the master socket and insert a recently purchased extension cable it cannot make the connection.

I have at least determined that the internal wired extensions are not at fault (I have put a test meter across the sockets anyway and no short was found). I can also connect if the modem is moved to the master socket as long as I dont add an extension .

I have had BT perform a line test and everything is ok.... one problem I do experience is the phone line when making a phone call sparadically suffers massive amounts of interference even when plugged into the test socket

(4.8km from exchange but cannot supply any further techinical info as I dont know how to obtain it)

Any ideas

  The Old Mod 14:58 14 Jul 2006

Hi, have you fitted the filters?

  Mark-335400 15:01 14 Jul 2006

Yes both of them and tried them singularly as well as I only have 1 phone but 2 extensions hard wired (2nd supplies the broadband only)

  The Old Mod 15:08 14 Jul 2006

I had a problem like this when I went to broadband, went through much the same things as you, line tests etc. In the end after many phone calls, BT sent an engineer, he agreed that there was a problem external to the property. He doubled up on a pair of cables from the green jb about half mile away to my jb on the pole, after that no more problems. If you are confident that the home wiring is ok, then I would get on the phone to them.

  Mark-335400 15:21 14 Jul 2006

I'm convinced the problem is with the external wiring due to the interference on the phone and the fact that the modem works if located on a short lead to the test socket (I did try plugging it into the conventional socket on the master and it wouldnt work unless i disconnected the pressed in extension wires even though they were 'clean' and nothing was plugged into them)

Its as if there isnt enough grunt/signal coming through to carry the signal any distance around the house

I will print off your reply and show it to the engineer who is due out monday to assist him

  The Old Mod 15:34 14 Jul 2006

Ok, I think the problem that I had was due to the fact that I'm on overhead cables, and some distance from the exchange, the trouble is that all though I had checked everything my end,(being an electrician helped) I still had to go through all the suggestions that they made over the phone before they agreed to send an engineer.
Doubling the cable by the engineer, reduced the resistance on the existing pair. Good luck, I know how annoying and frustrating this is.

  Mark-335400 15:46 14 Jul 2006

I too am on overhead cables and as it is a small ex mineing village we are off the beaten track a bit from the main town/exchange. Its good to know you are an electrician as it gives your reply some substance based on your knowledge/trade (in actual fact when I left school twenty years ago that was the only job I ever wanted but ended up in the motor trade due to missing the enrolment period at our local electricity board but I still love "tinkering" with electrics)

Anyway I will post a reply monday evening in order that this thread can prove useful to others in the same situation.....

Many Thanks

  amonra 15:53 14 Jul 2006

I'm a bit puzzled by your last post, you say it wouldn't work if the ext. wires were still connected at the master socket. That would indicate some stray pick-up on the extension cable. Just because they were "clean" when checked with a mutimeter doesn't mean there isn't an interfering "noise" there somewhere. Are any of the ext. cables running too close to mains wiring or near a deep-freeze/fridge ? You also say the ordinary phone suffers from noise, so I'd have a check on your internal wiring before getting BT involved, THEY CHARGE !!!
Is the noise on the phone long lasting or just intermittent, any more info would help the diagnosis.

  Mark-335400 15:58 14 Jul 2006

at one stage the wiring did run close to a wire feeding a mains socket so i rerouted it

The phone gets massive amounts of crackle and hiss when connected directly to the test socket on the master socket (when connected to this socket all extensions have been removed/taken out of the equation as by accessing the test socket it disconnects all extensions)

  Mark-335400 16:05 14 Jul 2006

as I live in a bungalow nearly all the wiring is fed through the attic, I have tried to keep cables well apart but as you can appreciate there are certain places that they do come close or crossover. also if i plug an extension into the test socket which is located near the front door and plug the modem into this it wont connect but as soon as i connect the modem with the short lead that came with it, it works (the extension cable is in a "heap" next to the test socket and goes nowhere near any electrical items... hope this helps

  amonra 16:35 14 Jul 2006

OK, I'm a little clearer now. It would seem as if the "noise" is coming into the house on the BT line. The only answer seems to be to convince BT to send an engineer out and let him hear the noise for himself.Line tests dont always pick up these annoying faults.
I have on another occasion suggested that if your badly behaved infant ACCIDENTALY damages the main BT socket (drives his toy car into it) then BT will change the socket and check the line at the same time. This is purely a sugestion !!! Good luck.

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