BT Broadband connection problem

  astral traveller 12:18 18 Mar 2007

My mother (83 god bless her) is having intermitent problems with her BT connection. She lives in a sheltered complex with another 20 or so residents each having their own phone lines. She has a laptop operating XP and has had no problems since first setting up in January 2006. Recently she finds that everytime she logs onto the internet she loses the connection after a couple of minutes at the same time as 2 of the lights on the modem go out. She has discovered that by running the windows diagnostic program she can reconnect but this does involve switching off the modem/router and waiting a few minutes. The problems have coincided with BT connecting a new resident and I'm wondering if this could be the cause as at around the same time as connecting the new resident mums phone line was 'engaged' for a half hour when she was not using it. BT have not been much help initially suggesting that the modem needed replacing and that mum would have to pay for it as it was out of warranty, then a day or 2 later saying that the modem was okay - after mum expressed her reluctance to pay for a new one - and that they would send out an engineer at a cost of between £110 and £120. She is running Zone alarm with Windows firewall off. I have very briefly turned off Zone alarm but this made no difference. My feeling is that the problem is with the modem but BT don't agree - any suggestions would be welcome.

  skidzy 14:15 18 Mar 2007

This may just be in need of the channel change.

Open the routers configuration page and change the channel number,for example she may be logged into channel 6,try changing this to 11.

  astral traveller 17:06 18 Mar 2007

detail - how do I get to the routers page? how could the channel have changed?

  skidzy 17:18 18 Mar 2007

astral traveller can you post the make/model number of the router in question please.If you can give us this information we can advise how to change the channel number.

Do you know if many of the residents are using a broadband connection and routers ?

It may also need a driver update.

Also run any antispyware programs you have and the Anti virus.

If more help is needed to what programs should be run,feel free to ask.

You should have at least these:

Spybot Search and Destroy
Adaware SE
Defender or AVGAS or Spyware Terminator or Superantispy.
Running ccleaner weekly will certainly help keep the pc clean.Most of these can be found at click here Superantispy can be found at click here

These are basic system needs to maintain a healthy pc/laptop.

  Dipso 17:19 18 Mar 2007

skidzy is presuming a wireless it wireless or wired?

  skidzy 17:40 18 Mar 2007

After reading the thread again:

" mums phone line was 'engaged' for a half hour when she was not using it "

I think there is more of an issue here,if the filter is fitted,how can the line be engaged when she not using it ?

Is this possible,that BT has connected the neighbours line to your mums.

After reading the thread again,im really confused.


You are quite correct,i am assuming its wireless and not connected by cable.(i should have asked this)

  Dipso 17:54 18 Mar 2007

It does seem a coincidence that the problems started after the neighbour was connected. I wonder if the router logs/stats could shed some light on what is happening.

  skidzy 18:21 18 Mar 2007

Understanding the logs and stats is a bit over my head im afraid.Im use to the basic setup and minor wireless problems...this sounds if there is more of an issue here to me.

The engaged bit has totally thrown me !

  steven_frost 19:29 18 Mar 2007

try changing the filters also see if you can get your hands on a spare router this would show BT that their is a fault, another thing to try phone BT line faults dept and get them to run a line check, i also had this same problem their was a fault on the line you have to press hard on BT but they will give in.

  astral traveller 19:50 18 Mar 2007

The make of router is a Voyager 210 and it is wired. I am assuming that the reason that the line was engaged was something to do with BT and connecting a new line but mum didn't know until I told her that I couldn't get through. I don't think the neighbour is connected to mums line as thtey haven't intercepted each others calls.

  astral traveller 21:48 18 Mar 2007

BT engineer calling around tomorrow to check lines - no charge - will update after s/he's been.

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