BT broadband charges

  johnanthony 11:16 31 Aug 2011

Has anyone taken on BT yet about their charges for broadband. I was forced to switch to BT when I moved and signed up for the 10 GB per month deal. I read the info and it said that I would be charged if I exceeded the limit. No problem. But when I did exceed the limit by about 1GB I was charged £5. All the blurb says that excess is charged at £5 per 5GB of extra downloads. I now realise that the extra charge will kick in if I exceed the limit by just ONE BYTE! How unfair is that? I don't mind paying for what I have had but paying for something that I haven't had really annoys. What do you think - should I cry on BTs shoulder or go strait to OFCOM/ I look forward to your views - thanks

  Jollyjohn 11:33 31 Aug 2011

This appears to be an industry standard trick. My ISP charged me the £5 for 300MB of data, they did refund £4 on the next bill when I complained but I found it cheaper to upgrade my broadband package, I am with Plusnet.

  northumbria61 14:51 31 Aug 2011

johnanthony - The charges for exceeding your limit changed a few months ago. It used to be £1 per gigabyte but changed to £5 per 5 gigabytes - so as you rightly say the extra charge "kicks in" as soon as you exceed your 10GB limit.

I exceeded my 10GB twice and decided to upgrade to Option 2 with the 40GB limit. It takes away the worry of whether you are going to exceed your limit each month which incidentally I regularly do now as I watch SKY on my PC.

In my opinion it is worth the extra £5 per month to upgrade to Option 2 and if you think you MAY exceed your limit then my advice to you would be to choose that option.

The changeover takes a few days and you are kept informed by BT as to when the change will take place. Your monthly bill is adjusted accordingly.

  ACOLYTE 19:05 02 Sep 2011

Or shop around and get an ISP that doesnt have limits?

  bremner 20:10 02 Sep 2011

"Has anyone taken on BT yet"

I doubt it as they would lose.

You signed a contract where it was very clear what the charges were for exceeding the contracted limit. It is easy to check the amount you have used through My BT.

Like northumbria61 i had 10GB and found it much better to go up to Option 2 and 40GB

  johnanthony 20:34 02 Sep 2011

Yes, it seems we are all in agreement that BT would probably win the day if only because they would stall until I got fed up. I guess its the wording of the contract that irkes me, as it seems on the face of it that you actually get your 5GB before you pay the extra £5. What happens in practice is that the billing algorithm kicks in as soon as you exceed by a small amount, in theory just ONE byte would do it. Just after I signed up I did email BT to clarify the point - no surprise, I didn't get a reply. I shall retire, lick my wounded ego and consider my next move. Thanks everyone for your input.

  northumbria61 14:20 03 Sep 2011

bremner - as you say it is clearly worded in the contract with BT and to be fair they do send you an email when you are getting near to your limit of 10GB and they don't charge if you do it once - I rest my case!

  johnanthony 15:21 03 Sep 2011

"They don't charge if you do it once - I rest my case!" says northumbria61

They did me. Mind you I racked up 17 GB and they charged me £10. As I said I don't mind paying for what I've had, it's paying for what I've not had. Bit like paying Tesco's £10 in advance and then only spending £2 and then not being able to spend (or redeem) the other £3. I paid £5 for 2GB. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  bremner 15:30 03 Sep 2011

There is a flaw in what you say.

You pay for up to 10GB, if you use 2GB you do not gey a refund. BT along with most if not all the ISP's charge for further use in blocks ie the £5 for 5GB. Trying to bill customers for their individual amounts would be more costly in admin terms, a cost that would then have to be passed on.

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