BT broadband: am i buying or borrowing.......

  cdb 16:52 13 Jan 2003
  cdb 16:52 13 Jan 2003

the hardware I paid £150 to have installed? I was under the impression that I paid about £80ish to buy the hardware and the rest to have it installed. I'm just about to cancel my contract and they said someone would come around to collect the equipment. Anyone help me out ?

  BRYNIT 17:48 13 Jan 2003

Look at the small print in your contract.

  graham 18:05 13 Jan 2003

I'm pretty sure you've bought it, unless you haven't paid yet! £70 sounds a bit steep to plug things in. Did you have ISDN or Highway before? BT don't normally collect equipment anyway, it would not be cost effective. At best they would send a package for you to put it in the post.

  graham 19:09 13 Jan 2003

Back from my nap, the £70 was for the exchange work?

  cdb 21:09 13 Jan 2003

If the contract is the one on the net, it has changed. It now costs £250 to install (ridicoulous!!) but I can't find anything about the equipment itself. I didn't have ISDN or Highway before, just a 56k modem.

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