bt broadband 8meg very slow lately have settings

  frankie 20:01 04 Jun 2007

bt broadband up to 8meg very slow lately have settings on pc been changed somehow? am only getting download 1532.08 kbps and upload is only 186.56......this speed is consistant as have tested at various times throughout the week,surely it is not right...thanks for looking

  frankie 21:26 04 Jun 2007


  Jackcoms 21:32 04 Jun 2007

"surely it is not right"

Compared to what?

All 8meg services are sold as "up to 8 meg".

Your distance from your local exchange, time of day and local contention ratios will also have a bearing.

Try click here to establish how far you are from your local exchange.

  frankie 22:51 04 Jun 2007

am 912 metres,thanks for looking,it was up too 5mb last month now dropped to this rediculous slow speed bt in india f......g useless.

At times my BT connection runs at 5Mbs then will drop to 800 KBs some times to 300 KBs. when I 'phone BT (get India f...g useless) no joy.
Try 'phoneing CUSTOMER OPERATIONS 0800 800 030 and surgest you would wish to change IPS and your speed will increse overnight, this has happened twice to me. they may offer a discount to get you to stay with them!!

  Kingfisher 18:30 06 Jun 2007

I had a similiar problem with bt slow broadband, I pestered the life out of them they then came round and tested the connection speed outside, they said there was a fault at the exchange, but the bt guys said get them (bt) to check the b.r.a.s. settings at the exchange it was originally configured for throughput of 2k, they have now altered it to 6k and my broadband speed gradually crept up to 5800mb/persec over a period of about a week.
I had to deal with bt in India and you are right they are next to useless, just ring them every day and hopefully it will get sorted good luck

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