BT BB or pipex BB?

  henza_mapenza 13:46 19 Sep 2004

I will be getting internet soon and am quite a heavy user. I will be using the 512k service and price has to be below £25. I have heard Bt is good as they are a big company but i don't like their monthly bandwidth limit. (15GB). whereas pipex there is none. Also the 512Kb service from pipex is cheaper than Bt and their speed - click here has always been better. So i will have to make a choice between which one. At the moment i am towards the pipex but after reading some threads regarding problems with pipex internet, i do not know what isp to choose. Please advise.

  Cybermaxx 13:59 19 Sep 2004

That's an interesting link you posted! I never even knew that speed comparison tables like that were compiled.

Anyway, I've been with Pipex since February, and it's only failed once, and that was for a few hours one Sunday. I notice, though, that Tesco are now offering a 512K service with unlimited downloads, free connection and free modem, for £19.97 a month. I don't know how reliable or speedy their service is, but it might be worth checking out. 14:05 19 Sep 2004

I would recommend BT Broadband. I have been with them since my exchange was enabled back in December. The service has never been down and the speeds seem quite acceptable. The 15Gb bandwidth p/m does not really affect me, if you are running any servers off your line you may need unlimited bandwidth, but, for the majority of users BT Broadband should be fine.

Tomorrow I'm getting 1Mb broadband from BT for £28.99 p/m.

  Magik ®© 14:12 19 Sep 2004

yep, BT for me, i have upgraded to the 1mb service, been with them since BB started, never once has it gone down the kermit.....

  The Kestrel 14:17 19 Sep 2004

Like Cybermaxx, I am with Pipex, and have only had one failed link when the Pipex server had problems as the result of storms and lightning.

They were very efficient in processing my application and sending out equipment and arranging activation. Setting up broadband with them was really easy, I was up and running in less than 20 minutes on my activation day. Would definitely recommend them to you.

  Stuartli 14:23 19 Sep 2004



  mbp 14:33 19 Sep 2004

I assume that you mean you will be getting Broadband soon. Speed is one criteria, but I have never made that an obsession. Whatever I have been getting with my BB-ISP has satisfied my personal browsing requirements. It has never concerned me because it is fast enough for me. I usually have to wait for the web site to download or upload the thread, like here.

Price? There are a range of prices to choose from, but IMHO you get what you pay for. To make a real comparison you will have to look at all the other peripheral benefits available from the package, such as: reliability, service, help services, added safety features regarding viruses, spam, hackers, pop-up blockers, free web space for photos, files, web page, and so on. Thus true comparison becomes a little complex.

The difference in price of BB compared to OFF-Peak Dial Up service is phenomenol on a per annum basis, but if you have a decent monthly disposable income, it is almost part of the cost of living today because time is precious. But for a true comparison, you have to study the whole package. Most people do not. I was recommended to stick with reliability, and that was BT. Certainly when I look at the lower prices others are paying I envy them, but I am very satisfied with the service I am getting and won't think of changing. I might save myself the price of a pint of beer or two per month if I changed. You might think that that was important but at this price level it is insignificant!

Go with pipex.

  Brock100 16:19 19 Sep 2004

cannot beat pipex

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:27 19 Sep 2004

The latest figures on your "click here", for August, show BT to be faster than Pipex. I have been using BT Broadband 1Mbs since February and am very happy with the service, always fast and, so far, totally reliable. However, when my 12 month minimum contract is up I am going to be looking for a 2 Mbs service. With the latest price cuts I am paying £24.99 inc VAT per month with a 30GB per month limit.

  Noleg24 09:01 20 Sep 2004

check out click here you can get a 2Mb connection for under £38 a month and 1Mb for under £28 a month and 512Kb for under £19 a month. I use their 1Mb connection and I have to say I am very impressed. have been with them since May and they dont have any limits...I too am a heavy user at times and unlike BT and others there is no capping and for the price who would complain. check them out.

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