bt basic broadband set up

  broadwater 17:18 20 Jul 2005

I have a BT broadband basic working well with their USB modem. I have now a PAE-CE84 router and need to know how to set up.
I cant seem to get it right. I need another PC in another room for my son. Anybody have any ideas..thanks

  retep888 17:29 20 Jul 2005

how you set it up.

What are your OS?(XP)

What's your actual problem?

  broadwater 23:15 20 Jul 2005

i am running xp professional. The router is connected to my dsl line but not sure what parameters to enter. can ping router from pc as it is set for DHCP. the router shows a dsl connection but thats it. there is no data shown on the receive light the chipset is connexant similar to alot of modem/router combo's. The hub part as it is 4 port works fine. i am sure I must have missed something. Maybe its BT. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  barney1234568910 10:43 21 Jul 2005

i have a similar setup. Here are the settings which i found on the bt help page

Router configuration

To configure your router for use with BT Yahoo! Internet, please use the following values:

DNS = auto
VPI = 0 (zero)
VCI = 38
Authentication = CHAP
Modulation = G.DMT
Encapsulation = VC MUX
Encapsulation Protocol = PPPoA, whether USB modem or Ethernet router

The way the above settings actually appear is dependent upon the hardware: sometimes the encapsulation and the encapsulation protocol may appear as one setting together, (usually described as PPPoA VC based) and some or all of the settings may not appear at all in some routers.

You also need to enter your user name and password in the spaces provided. I also found that it would not accept my username [email protected] you have to type [email protected]

  barney1234568910 10:44 21 Jul 2005

my last post might be unclear what i meant was you have to type [email protected]

  retep888 15:07 21 Jul 2005

or you're posting wih the usb modem?

I think the default ip address for the router is which you have to type in your brower,and then your default username "admin" default password "epicrouter"

Once you're on the router's UI,just type in your ISP's login username and password,once you're connected the rest will be taken care of by the router automatically.

  broadwater 21:02 27 Jul 2005

I have set up router using the Disc but it gice the usual failure message saying it needs to shut down.
I have tried telnet into unit and it looks ok. The modem ready light flashes and the sho time light is steady. I have also tried to set up using the click here but the settings will not stay set. Any further ideas? thanks

  wjrt 16:22 29 Jul 2005

unless they have changed terms very recently bt -basic bb only allows access to one machine ie no routers check this out at broadband

  broadwater 14:11 30 Jul 2005

hello Wjrt

I think you are correct but it is strange that I cannot get the router to save some settings.
I can telnet into it, set up and save but if I turn power off it loses the settings. I will keep trying. thanks

  mike1967 22:19 01 Aug 2005

Agree with above i think you can only connect to BT Basic using the supplied modem
Maybe try and network the 2 PC's together and use one to acess the internet

  Strawballs 22:39 01 Aug 2005

If the router has a clone mac address setting try using it then BT will only see one.

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