BT ASDL & ISDN Questions.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:35 01 Feb 2004

WinME > I have 2 freinds local to us, Friend 1 has BT ASDL conncetion with a USB Modem. Problem is that everytime when she wants to go online it will only connect on the "second attempt".
Is this a known common problem and any one know how to make it connect "first time" nearly every time, ISP is BT Internet/openworld.

Friend 2 "XP Home" (neighbours) have a "BT ISDN line" with a USB Cable from box on wall to rear USB on PC and isp is Freeserve. He has a number of problems
like sometimes its not possbile to connect and the Icon in system tray show with a Red Cross, or sometimes there is another phone inthe house which will never work when your conected online.
Things seem to work better when on 1 channel, but when on 2 channel the phone dosn't work.

Also PC on this machine on first boot of every day starts up get half way and

Does anyone out there if this is a common problem with ISDN or ADSL, its not the first time I have heard this, I have read somewhere online year ago when I was considering these types of connection

  smegs 22:43 01 Feb 2004

I have the same setup as Ur neighbours, same ISP, I have had NO problems what so ever. Who put the wiring in for the extention phone for the MODEM? Has it been put in right? As for the RED X, I would reinstall the drivers again. "Things seem to work better when on 1 channel, but when on 2 channel the phone dosn't work". Don't know what Ur on about.

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