BT 8mbps broadband

  paddy75 17:53 28 May 2006

Any body on the above service,when doing a speed test i am only getting about 1900kbps,i have tried 4 or 5 different speed checkers and they are all about the same.When i move mouse over the two tv screens in task bar it is saying 8 .1 mbps although this option is'nt always there,i am on wireless and my son can't get a good speed on his laptop even though he is about 4 feet away from the router,any ideas \\Paddy

  Stuartli 17:55 28 May 2006
  Rigor mortis 18:17 28 May 2006

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If you've gone past the 10 day settling in period, contact BT.

  mammak 20:21 28 May 2006

Hi paddy75 as Rigor mortis has said it takes the 10 days with BT to get up to speed and a wireless connection will give you a lower results at certian times of the day my wired desktop flys along without fault but my wireless pc and laptop were at times sluggish but overall are now up to speed it took over 2 weeks for them all to settle.hope this helps

ps. go to your routers home page that will give you a better idea of your speed some of these testers are not very accurate.

  Dipso 22:29 28 May 2006

If you never get above 2Meg and are beyond the 10 days trial period you could have a stuck profile. You would have to get your ISP to sort this out for you.

  Steve- 22:47 28 May 2006

I have also upgraded to the 'up to' 8 Meg BT Broadband, my modem indicates 7 Meg, but BT say the Max will be 4 Meg.

My conection speed varies from 5 or 6 Meg early in the morning to 1.8 to 4 or above later in the day.

Generaly my speed from lunchtime onwards is no different from what I had on the 2 Meg original connection.

Just a fact of life I think!

  paddy75 00:54 29 May 2006

Thank's for all your replies,iv'e just come in and i done a speed test and i got about 1.2 mbps surely this is not right.I will wait for the ten day period as Rigor Mortis said and see what happens.Paddy (slightley under the influance)

  BBez 17:55 29 May 2006

can anyone tell me if they get better upload speed, i'm currently on 2MB and i get 30k but could do with faster...

Steve-, it depends on modem type as i've got the old speedtouch 330 USB modem BT claims i'll only get 4MB unless i upgrade to suitable 8MB router...

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  frankie 21:22 29 May 2006

its slower then my 2mb,i am going to trading standards,as bt have not responded to calls,or emails,6 weeks now.DONT DO IT...

  Starfox 21:47 29 May 2006

Upgraded to 8meg last week and was told to expect a 4meg service. I tested my connection today at 2pm and it came out at 5797kb or 5.7meg which sure is better than predicted so for me the upgrade works.

  BBez 23:37 29 May 2006

if you're on 2.2MB connection running a Speedtouch 330, BT state it only supports 4MB download speed click here but if you goto the business drivers area then it states the alcatel speedtouch 330 supports 8MB downstream, try this before they recommend you upgrade to one of the compatible routers...

BT Business Speedtouch Info (High Speed Driver to (8Mbps)):

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Driver Download:

click here then pick relevant OS driver...

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