BT up to 8Mb dropped connections.

  MIke 17:20 28 Jun 2006

I'm well past the 10 day settling in period and still get a lot of dropped connections.

A bit of web research suggests my snr ratio is too low, barely over 6db, often falling to 4.8db. I can get as many as 10 dropped connections an hour. whereas on the 2mb service I rarely dropped a connection.

I've tried click here

and find that although my snr stays at around 6db the line attenuation drops to 15db from 57db when using the test socket. My line then syncs at around 4600kb instead of 3800kb, but more importanly it's stable, no disconnection for over 6 hours.

I'm tempted to get one of these click here but not sure it would help as I'd not be connecting direct to the BT test socket, but as with the original through the socket on the front that in effect plugs into the test socket.

Has anyone had similar problem and have they found the adaptor faceplate to be of help?

Cheers MIke

  Dipso 21:14 28 Jun 2006

When you say you've tried the Master Socket tutorial on DSL Zone, do you mean you've just tried the test socket or you've removed the un-necessary wiring as well? The problem you describe is either faulty wiring or the existing BT faceplate is faulty.

Do you usually connect through the Master socket or an extension off it?

Do you have other phone extensions, if not, why not just connect through the test socket. I did this for a couple of weeks after being regraded as I was having problems with the extension I use for the router.

Buying the filtered faceplate will most likely help. If you do decide to go for the filtered faceplate, consider this one click here which comes highly recommended. I have the dangly type filter by the same company.

  Graham ® 21:24 28 Jun 2006

8Mb is proving to be more fussy of extension wiring, as you have found. You could try connecting to the front socket of the Master socket, disconnecting different extension wiring at a time.

As a last resort (I had to do this for a friend to get them working) you may have to 'modify' the wiring as follows:

Connect the incoming line to the extension the modem is on. Then send the line back to the Master socket to pick up the other extensions.

  MIke 21:27 28 Jun 2006


Thanks for the reply.

I've tried both actually. After removing the unecessary wiring, and replacing the faceplate. I did find the snr increase to 8.8db but it's now settled back to around 6db, the attenuation is still 57db.

I usually connect to the master socket. I have tried unplugging the phone from my extension, but that made no difference. I've also tried connecting to an extension socket, again the results I get are the same as connecting to the master socket, this is why wondered whether replacing the faceplate with a filtered type would improve things, as plugging straight into the test socket gives the most stable connection I've been able to achieve.



  MIke 21:32 28 Jun 2006


Thanks for the reply. I do use the master socket to connect my router, not an extension. In fact I've tried using an extension instead, with similar results to using the master socket. The only really stable connection I've had is direct to the test socket, this is why I'm considering changing the faceplate, in case the bt faceplate is introducing a problem. Can the faceplate be tested? If so how?


  Dipso 21:36 28 Jun 2006

I think your BT removeable faceplate is faulty.

You could try and get BT to replace it but you would have to go along the lines of "my phone line is very noisy" don't mention broadband at all.

Alternatively, buy a filtered one and if it doesn't improve, I'll have it off you, could do with getting rid of the dangly thing anyway!

  DauntlessEagle 21:40 28 Jun 2006

you need to get a new router ...DO NOT USE THE BT ROUTER it will keep disconecting . go out and buy a new router you will find that the new router will hold the connection.. also keep the connection on constantly for 10 days so your line can adjust to the speed and you will find that it willnot disconect ever again!!!
GOOD LUCK hope this helps

  Dipso 21:46 28 Jun 2006

It's unlikely that the router is the cause of the increased DS attenuation. Replacing the hardware is a bit drastic and expensive if it turns out to be a problem with the faceplate.

  MIke 21:49 28 Jun 2006

Thanks DauntlessEagle... The only reason I went for the up to 8Mb upgrade was to get the wireless router for a tenner!!

A friend of mine has the same router and her connection is stable shows a line up count of 1 and and has been connected for 31 days +

What router do you recommend for my snr of around 6db??

  Dipso 22:03 28 Jun 2006

...the Belkin F5D7633-uk4 has the ability to tweak the SNR to a level that would hold a stable conection. The newer Speedtouches can be similarly tweaked using a third party piece of software click here, these would be my choices if I wanted to replace my router.

  Dipso 22:04 28 Jun 2006

The Belkin has been reviewed on...DSL Zone UK ;) click here

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