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  laurie53 07:51 26 Apr 2009

Can anybody suggest how I can go ex-directory without going into the endless loop which is BT Customer Services.

On the few occasions when I have finally got to speak to a human all they say is "I'll just connect you to Customer Services" and I'm back where I started.

  johndrew 09:42 26 Apr 2009

If you contact them via e-mail via the `Complaints` route click here a `human` will deal with the problem.

They don`t like complaints in writing as they are visible to the `watchdog`.

Hope this helps.

  rawprawn 11:44 26 Apr 2009

If you go X Directory, don't forget to tell them to block the 1471 recall number facility, or your number will be out in no time flat. You have to tell them you want it blocked because they don't do it by default.

  rawprawn 11:49 26 Apr 2009

Got this from Google, I don't know what the form is now I have been X Directory for about 35 years.
Just change your number and ask to be unlisted, this means you will not be in the new edition of the phone book OR directory enquiries.

  laurie53 19:41 26 Apr 2009

Thank for the link.

Now why couldn't I find that for myself?

Any way I'll give it a try tomorrow, and post an update.

  grey george 19:53 26 Apr 2009

Most telesales operations use computer dialers so being unlisted will not necessarily stop these calls. You can sign up to the Phone preference service which stops a lot of unsolicited calls. click here

  Graham. 09:19 27 Apr 2009

Ask BT to permanently withhold your number. You can release it on a call by call basis if needed by preceeding the number with 1470.

  Stuartli 11:42 27 Apr 2009

I've been TPS registered for many years - it does stop quite a lot of unsolicited calls, but not those from abroad or those companies ignoring it altogether.

  laurie53 19:52 27 Apr 2009

Update. Tried the link, but always end up being advised to call the customer services number, i.e. back where I started.

Thanks for all the other responses, but they don't answer my query - how to go ex-directory.

I do know about TPS and have been a member for many years, and also about auto-diallers and and "silent calls", which luckily I am not too troubled with.

Looks like I may end up having to go to OFCOM.

Talk about a sledgehammer to crack a walnut!

  johndrew 20:13 27 Apr 2009

Makes you feel like using the sledgehammer on their walnuts!!!!

  grey george 22:10 27 Apr 2009

I have just looked at BT's website and tried searching for ex-directory not a thing. I assume because it's not a product that earns money (in fact less calls = less money) it s deliberately not easy to access. There is a facility to manage your account online I don't know if from within there you could request to be unlisted. This is the link to ofcom: click here
I see there really useful advise is to contact your supplier, back to square one. (does that expression come from snakes & ladders or else where?) To left you will see a link on who to complain. ((Smash those nuts))

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