BSOD when installing Sony DVD Rom

  pj123 17:39 14 Dec 2005

A friend has an LG DVD burner (Master) plus a 48X CD Rom drive (Slave) on the Secondary IDE cable. Both recognised in the BIOS.

He has now (today) just installed a Sony DVD Rom drive in place of the CD Rom (as Slave). It is detected in the BIOS but when booting he gets the Blue Screen of Death. Disconnect the Sony and the computer boots perfectly. Put the old CD rom drive back and again boots perfectly.

Take the LG DVD burner out and just leave the Sony DVD Rom in as a Master or a Slave and get the BSOD every time. Is this the Sony drive or does his computer not like Sony products.

I have advised him to take the Sony back and exchange it for another.

  pj123 15:30 25 Dec 2005

Well I have got absolutely no responses on this problem. He took the Sony DVD Rom back and exchanged it for a Pioneer DVD Rom.

But he gets the same thing. No boot with the Pioneer DVD Rom in. Good boot without the Pioneer DVD Rom. I went to his house to see if I could solve this. I noticed that the Pioneer needed an 80 conductor cable (not 40). I happened to have one with me which I tried but still got the same problem. Reinstalled the CD Rom and everything works fine, (whether it's on the 40 conductor or 80 conductor cable).

He has 2 hard drives (master and slave on an 80 conductor cable).

Why won't this computer accept a DVD Rom when a CD Rom works fine?

  Stuartli 20:20 25 Dec 2005

>>Why won't this computer accept a DVD Rom when a CD Rom works fine?>>

That's a good question. There seems absolutely no reason why the system shouldn't take the change of drives in its stride.

The only thing I can suggest is to check the Bios settings.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:30 25 Dec 2005

How is the CD / dvd jumpered?

DVD as master CD as slave do not use CS (cable select)

Set Bios to auto detect drives save and exit.

see what happens now

  pj123 10:23 26 Dec 2005

Secondary IDE has an LG DVD burner as master, the Pioneer DVD Rom is jumpered as slave on the same IDE cable (80 conductor).

All drives are detected in the BIOS. But when save and exit the BIOS the computer boots to the Win 98SE splash screen then up comes the BSOD.

Switch off, take out the Pioneer DVD Rom and the computer boots OK. Also boots no problem if the CD Rom drive is put back in. I have the Pioneer here to try in one of my computers. If it works we will try my ex DVD Rom (which I know is working) in his computer. But that won't be until the 4th January as he is away.

  pj123 16:01 13 Feb 2006

He extended his "away" day to the 10th February.

His Pioneer works fine in my computer, so I am taking the DVD rom drive I had in my computer to install in his computer on Thursday 16th Feb.

Will post back.

  pj123 18:24 26 Mar 2006

Still not resolved but I think I am going to have to tick it.

It appears that anything other than a CD ROM drive won't work on the Secondary IDE cable as a slave. His original 48x CD Rom drive works every time. But change it for a DVD Rom (or even a CDRW and it doesn't want to know.

He has now accepted that and will use his DVD Burner (on the Secondary IDE cable as Master) as his only DVD/CD burner.


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