BSoD when disabling nVidia Ethernet

  bump909 09:42 04 Jul 2008

I'm running XP Pro SP3 on a dual boot PC (one for audio, one for internet). Each time I try to disable my network connection in my internet OS I get the blue screen of Death with the following message:

STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xB8155761, 0XA90380E0, 0X00000000)

NVRM.SYS - Address B8155761 base at B814B000, DATESTAMP 4253b853

However this does not occur in my Audio OS. I am running Comodo Firewall Pro in Internet O/S. Has anybody had the same problem or can anyone provide a solution?

Internet O/S Ethernet nForce Networking Controller Driver - ver - date 06/04/2005

Audio O/S Ethernet nForce Networking Controller Driver - ver - date 13/01/2005

PC Specs:
AMD dual core Athlon 64 X2 4600+
Gigabyte K8NS Ultra 939 MOBO with nVidia nForce 3 Chipset
2Gb Ram

  Technotiger 09:54 04 Jul 2008

Hmm, am I going to learn something new today?? I have never heard of anyone running a Dual Boot as you describe - surely your Audio and Network are all under one OS Windows XP??

Perhaps this is your problem - I too have Nvidia, though as I said it is a completely new one to me.

  bump909 10:11 04 Jul 2008

I've just read that nVidia driver 5.11 maybe to blame so I'm going to boot into safe mode, uninstal ver 5.11, restart and install ver 5.10. Hopefully this will sort it.

  Technotiger 10:15 04 Jul 2008

Sorry I am not being any actual help, but I am intrigued - will keep a look out here to see how you get on.

Maybe I am getting old, but I don't understand why you need to dual boot as you describe? You only have one OS!

  bump909 10:26 04 Jul 2008

This is off topic but this is a common thing to do. It's like having 2 PC's in one box. My Audio Studio O/S is kept very clean and only runs audio apps whereas my internet O/S runs office apps, work apps, games, etc. When I turn the PC on I am prompted which O/S to boot into.

Try here:
click here

click here

  Technotiger 12:48 04 Jul 2008

I know dual-booting is common, but I have always thought of that in terms of having two different OS, like Win98/2000 or XP/Vista ........

From what I can see you only have one OS - XP!

Or do you mean you have created a Virtual OS within XP?

Anyway, how are you getting on with updating your drivers?

  Technotiger 12:53 04 Jul 2008

I see you have given this the green-tick, so I guess your driver update did the trick for you. Grreat.

  Snec 13:46 04 Jul 2008

There are many people who dual boot with 2x WinXP.

E.g. one side for all serious stuff and one for games and testing/experimenting etc. This way if the 'play' side gets messed up it soes not matter much. There are several other scenerios where dual booting with the same OS is done.... but I'm sure you understand really.

PS, I must admit the OPs reason for dual booting does seem a tad unusual, but every one to their own eh?

  Technotiger 16:52 04 Jul 2008

Fair enough - first time I have come across it though. 2 different OS yes, but not dual boot on same OS, apart from Virtual OS.


  bump909 17:49 04 Jul 2008

In answer to my original post, uninstalling the ethernet part of version 5.11 from within safe mode, restarting and installing the 5.10 driver worked as advised. So problem resolved.

As for dual booting with the same O/S, I don't see this to be unusual at all, it's very common within the audio/visual community. you also don't need to buy the same O/S twice as it's on the same machine. The benefits are such that a very clean PC tuned to use every ounce of power, with only the absolute essential programs installed will run much better than a bloated system with many redundant entries in the system registry. Plus because my audio O/S is not connected to the internet by default, I don't need any firewalls or virus checkers which can seriously throw glitches into recorded audio when they do routine checks. Malware & spyware is also less of an issue.

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