BSOD = unmountable_boot_volume

  oo7juk 08:49 03 Feb 2009

Problem originates from pc being infected by antivirus 2009 virus.

Previously when he had this problem with the antivirus 2009 virus I performed a pc recovery by doing the following:

selected start/all programs/compaq system recovery

the above option let me perform a destructive recovery and restored his pc back to it's original settings for about 4/5 months.

When I try the recovery option now i'm presented with the following message:

recovery partion not found. no software is available for reinstallation.

I think I must have deleted the partion maybe when I tried to reinstall xp using the original winxp disc, looking back I think I selected clean install instead of repair.

At this stage when I turn the pc on I get the BSOD with the following messgae -

If I restart pc and press f10 it brings up 2 versions of win xp. When I select the second option (original settings) it boots up ok,but won't let me do system recov.

I'm stuck, I thought I could do the sytem recovery again. Can I restore the original partion? If so, perform system recov again?

Many thanks

  Taff™ 09:55 03 Feb 2009

I think you`re right about damaging the recovery partition and it`s unlikely you can repair it now.

click here and follow the instructions to run chkdsk from the recovery console. Do not use any other repair tool at the moment.

If we can fix this you need to get a copy of Acronis True Image and make your own system backup - an image of your entire drive. There`s a rumour that a free copy of ATI 10 will be available from Computer Active next week.

  oo7juk 10:58 03 Feb 2009

Taff - had a look at that page last night. From what I can remember it prompted me for a password i think, which I don't have, but let me proceed. It ran a check on the disc and said everything was OK, it then restarted with theb BSOD again.


  woodchip 11:30 03 Feb 2009

Boot sector of the Hard Drive is corrupt, You could try Starting by tapping F8 then choose command prompt from the list, then Type

FIXMBR click here

  woodchip 11:30 03 Feb 2009

Boot sector of the Hard Drive is corrupt, You could try Starting by tapping F8 then choose command prompt from the list, then Type

FIXMBR click here

  woodchip 11:30 03 Feb 2009

Sorry PCA acting up

  Taff™ 13:22 03 Feb 2009

I`ll go along with woodchip on this one. If that doesn`t fix it go back to the recovery console and try bootcfg click here Apart from these two tools don`t try anything else.

  oo7juk 20:55 03 Feb 2009

woodchip -

tried fixmbr, but no luck still gave me the BSOD


tried bootcfg, generated a list of options scan, etc but when I typed in it did not recognize command. When I pressed help it did not list any of the options.


  oo7juk 21:01 03 Feb 2009

update -

Taff forgot the space in the command.

scan = total identified installs 1

list = os load options: / nonexecute=option /fastdetect

don't really know what I'm doing with these commands to be honest, thanks

  woodchip 22:23 03 Feb 2009

If you have a Full Operating System CD not a Restore CD. Start the Computer with it and then choose Setup, it will look for a Operating System and show it in a Box, Click on the One it shows then press R for Repair

  Taff™ 08:54 04 Feb 2009

Before you try woodchips suggestion I would like you to go into the recovery console and try bootcfg agin (More details click here) Then immediately do FIXMBR and reboot.

I think from your earlier post that the OS can see the hard disk drive and the XP installation so if it doesn`t boot up the Repair Install with a full XP disk is the next option. click here for a walk through. Warning - Please read the link carefully. You do not use Recovery Console for this - NOT Recovery Console! As woodchip states you need to go to setup on the first screen and hopefully it will find the XP installation and give you the R option to repair it. If it doesn`t quit the setup and post back.

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