BSOD, Odd Msgs, Evesham don't answer, I'm FED UP!

  AngeTheHippy 17:03 16 Nov 2007

Hi Chaps,
A couple of times yesterday and at least 15 times today, even in safe mode, PC gives me BSOD - not the same message each time though. I installled CCleaner this am to try and help but it's got worse. I'm pretty sure it has a Trojan - DELF.CPX. I'm fed up. Evesham don't work on Saturdays now, I think I'll have to re install XP but need to know which order I reload all the stuff - the disks that came with the PC. OR am i being dramatic? HOW can I stop this bally BSOD? Another msg: PFN_LIST_CORRUPTED (in upper case too) Anyone no the answers? WHY does this always happen on a Friday??


  Technotiger 17:15 16 Nov 2007

Hi, not having the best of luck are you. Have you run all your anti-everything programs, if not you should do so now. After running all your anti-spyware/anti-virus and everything else you have, if the problem is not cured you will I think, need to do a Hijack this log as per the Tutorial in this link ...

click here

  Pamy 17:24 16 Nov 2007

you could try a RESTORE to an earlier date.

If that does not work you could try a repair from XP disk

  AngeTheHippy 17:27 16 Nov 2007

the bally PC doesn't stay on long enough when doing any anti-anythings!! AVG almost finished once, and detected a virus in s/w I installed MONTHS ago but haven't used, yet the virus hasn't been detected before today and AVG is well up to date!! Strange.

I'm very tempted to just do a fresh install of XP - but needed Eveshams advice on which order to re load all the disks. They of course, are closed now - I use a cordles phone and you won't believe, the battery run down just waiting ALL DAY for them to answer!!


  AngeTheHippy 17:28 16 Nov 2007

the BSOD has got a LOT worse from this morning. That didn't work.


  Technotiger 17:38 16 Nov 2007

Bit drastic, but under the circumstances it does not look as if you have much choice - contact Evesham and do a full re-install.

I have never had any dealing with anything Evesham - can you explain what discs you have and perhaps how they are marked, maybe we can help you?

  AngeTheHippy 17:45 16 Nov 2007

I really am TRYING to contact Evesham. They just do-not-answer! I in desparation called the switchboard and some little girl said how sorry she was they are very busy. Didn't make me feel any better I can tell you..

There's the XP support disk,
Radion Display driver
'Drivers & Utilities'
Audigy (soound card) disk,
and other drivers disks



  Probabilitydrive 17:50 16 Nov 2007

AngeTheHippy, I also have an XP-pro machine from evesham, on which I re-installed Windows twice.

Evesham ships their systems with a recovery disc which you should have. Approx. a year ago they equipped their machines also with a hidden partition called 'PC Angel' which showed up during boot up. If I doesn't on yours, than you need to think on a clean re-install (with a re-formatting of the Hard disc)

The order I was advised by eveham was:
Windows installation
motherboard drivers (from your mobo CD)
Graphic card drivers
Sound card drivers

the rest (XP-updates, security suite...etc...)

The thing which puzzles me a bit is, that you did a (successful) system restore and still get the BSOD... There might be a hardware related issue involved, my guess.

But a clean re-install is the first port of call. Here are detailed instruction on how...
click here
click here

  Probabilitydrive 17:54 16 Nov 2007

edit: my first link should be click here
shich takes you to instruction of XP-Home edition.

  AngeTheHippy 17:59 16 Nov 2007

thanks. This PC is about 5 yrs old now, I've formatted the HDD about 4 times before this. It's XP home. I honestly don't want to do it again! I've managed (in safe mode) to download via this laptop, put on a USB stick and install on the PC HijackThis.


  AngeTheHippy 18:00 16 Nov 2007

as u suggested, it's rather long though! Should I post it here d'ya think??


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