Browsing lag on PC ?

  Paul33 14:28 06 Feb 2009

I purchased a new XP Home PC for my son at Christmas and it is giving me some grief at the moment ..... which may be down to what he has installed in relation to games !

There seems to be a problem with accessing the internet. He is on our family wireless network and the PC picks up the network fine but whenever you try to access a webpag, it lags for anything up to twenty seconds and occasionally just hangs.

I've noticed that when you try to access a new site (ie: one not in the cache), the address bar shows the website address preceeded by "click here? ........" and even when the page does eventually load, that still appears in the address bar.

Being Google, I assume this is harmless but I haven't seen this on my PC or any other on the network. Occasionally, Google will load instead of the desired webpage.

I thought it might be IE7 related so I uninstalled it (after removing SP3 which otherwise blocks removal) aand I'm now running an SP2 machine with IE6 but the problem still exists.

The only other clues I have, if they are relevant, are ........

1. I can't update any program such as AVG or Ad-Aware as any attempt to do so results in an "unable to contact server" message.

2. I have occasionally had a strange pop-up message on my PC task bar stating something along the lines of a conflicting IP address somewhere on the network.

Appreciate any thoughts you can offer.

  T I M B O 14:32 06 Feb 2009

Try Malwarebytes
click here

  birdface 15:19 06 Feb 2009

click here. maybe try this.30 day trial but will remove anything that it here

  Paul33 16:09 06 Feb 2009

That was it Buteman ..... spot on and many thanks for your help. Great piece of software and now the PC is fine.

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