browseui.dll severe problems... any ideas?

  spanneress 08:17 12 Mar 2004

Got called out to a very sick PC yesterday. Presario with celeron running ME. boots up lovely but as soon as you get to the desk top, dialog box with error message referring to above file not found and to re-boot. Which you do and the same thing happens again. can't access anything at all, can't even close it down.Tried safe mode..same problem, can't boot into Dos to run ScanReg.. Looked on the web... common file problem but various causes, none as severe as this. In frustration, loaded 2K on, kept the FAT32, at least then he could access his data, ran all kinds of diagnostics which detected hundreds of parasites etc etc. However, result is dual boot machine and the ME OS still has the same problem.
I am taking it back then taking the HDD out, removing all data then blatting it today but am curious to know if any of you have come across this.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:45 12 Mar 2004

Try a bootable floppy, such as one from and see if you can run the registry scanner.

A resinstall of WinME seems a little drastic ... maybe someone can throw up another solution.

  spanneress 08:53 12 Mar 2004

Cheers but tried luck. Totally would not have it! All the info on the web seems to point at IE page errors and nothing this drastic.
This error completely dibilitates the machine so that you have to crash (hard boot) out...really does put me in mind of a virus but can't find any refernces to it on web. System Mechanic (v4) found many many parasites, trojans etc etc and managed to free up over half the HDD space which is indicative....
Curiouser and curiouser.

I have to repair his network today so may well put XP on this machine to match all others..not sure the celeron will like it but hey ho.

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