Browser window shuts for no reason....

  nick_j007 14:05 13 Jul 2003

I'm using IE6 on Windows XP home, and for no reason just over the last couple of days my browser window will close down without warning. It may do it now for example. It happens when the new window is opening in particular.
Hoping that someone here can throw some light on it?

Cheers and thanks, Nick

  nick_j007 11:34 14 Jul 2003

It seems to have settled down now, but any thoughts please?


  Jester2K II 12:31 14 Jul 2003

Got a pop up stopper running????

  nick_j007 15:11 14 Jul 2003

Have disabled it and is still happening. Please help! Took me 20 + tries to get on here. Other sites are ok strangely.


  OK Computer 15:20 14 Jul 2003

Sounds like you pop up stopper is still having an effect. Its too coincidental that you have one installed and this problem is happening. I would uninstall it completely.

  nick_j007 17:08 14 Jul 2003

A valid comment, but I have had it running for months without a problem in the past. Why now? Also, when it does all go south on me the usual sound is not played.
I can uninstall as a try, but I remain unconvinced!



  nick_j007 21:07 14 Jul 2003

Well I have uninstalled it and it is still giving me grief. I can try 20 times to get on this site from all directions and it will just drop off the screen as soon as the page starts to load from the top down.
The fact that I can type this now is a sheer surprise to me.
I can open many other sites ok such as the BBC.
Might it be something in Internet Options? I don't recall making any changes, and in fact as a result of this problem I have set most things back to default but still with no joy.

A fresh approach is needed people. Help me

  gardener 00:02 15 Jul 2003

Have you got Java virtual machine installed on your computer?I have just come back onto the PC Advisor web site and it seems now to be a requirement.I may be talking rubbish,but I've never noticed the program loading up on this site before.

  nick_j007 07:56 15 Jul 2003

I have yes gardner. Though I shall look into it further as I can't seem to open the control panel for it.

Many Thanks again,


  nick_j007 12:11 15 Jul 2003

Well I was having a job opening it from the control panel and so I have re-downloaded it and I now seem to be ok, but I have only tried a few times.
Frustratingly, I am typing this from my partners laptop as my Freeserve Alcatel Modem seems to be giving me some grief. If it's not one thing.....

So at this point gardner I owe you a pint...if you're ever in Worcestershire way...

Many thanks indeed. What a relief. I shall tick this as sorted if indeed it has stopped soon.


  gardener 13:10 15 Jul 2003

In this heat I could drink ten.Cheers!

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