Browser problem, it keeps trying to do something!!

  whisked 14:52 06 Mar 2004

Every 10/20 seconds the timer appears and stops me in my tracks, which makes typing a nightmare as you have to then reclick the cursor to continue.I have closed all programs to see if this was the problem but still it does it.

Have i got a virus of some sort? I have reinstalled the browser and tried other ones but just the same.

Any ideas anyone?

I should add Notepad seems to open and i get the following for example:

06/03/2004 13:34:34 Windows NT 5.1.2600
06/03/2004 13:34:34 Using automatic protocol selection
06/03/2004 13:34:34 Using browser's HTTP proxy configuration
06/03/2004 13:34:34 Channel server =
06/03/2004 13:34:34 No network connection
06/03/2004 13:34:35 Suspended
06/03/2004 13:34:39 Nothing new available
06/03/2004 13:34:43 F-Secure BackWeb stopped
06/03/2004 13:34:54 *** F-Secure BackWeb started (fsbwce.dll 6.40.471)
06/03/2004 13:34:54 Running in ISP mode, FSAV = 5.40
06/03/2004 13:34:54 Windows NT 5.1.2600
06/03/2004 13:34:54 Using automatic protocol selection
06/03/2004 13:34:54 Using browser's HTTP proxy configuration
06/03/2004 13:34:54 Channel server =
06/03/2004 13:34:56 No network connection
06/03/2004 13:34:57 Suspended
06/03/2004 13:35:00 Connecting to server
06/03/2004 13:35:04 F-Secure BackWeb stopped
06/03/2004 13:35:15 *** F-Secure BackWeb started (fsbwce.dll 6.40.471)
06/03/2004 13:35:15 Running in ISP mode, FSAV = 5.40
06/03/2004 13:35:15 Windows NT 5.1.2600

  Valvegrid 15:02 06 Mar 2004

Try Alt+Control+Delete to see what's running in the background. Does this give any clue? : click here

  whisked 15:09 06 Mar 2004

Control Alt Delete, only shows my browser and anti virus running. What is the link about?

  Valvegrid 15:14 06 Mar 2004

I just noticed in your posting BackWeb was mentioned quite a bit. I've heard of it, but don't know much about it, just thought you may recollect installing something like that on your machine, if not I could have just given you a 'read Herring' just ignor.

  Chegs ® 15:16 06 Mar 2004

Automatic and Fast Updates
While users concentrate on their daily tasks, F- Secure's automatic updates make sure security services are always up-to-date. The automatic updating system is designed to deliver the updates rapidly and securely around the world, wherever the customer might be.

Transparent and Bandwidth Cautious Updates
The update system only downloads changes instead of complete files. It also uses bandwidth left unused by other applications and therefore does not interfere with Web surfing and other Internet traffic. This is especially important when using slow Internet connections.

Centralized Updating and Monitoring
Corporate customers can centrally distribute virus definition updates and monitor the status of all computers running F-Secure Anti-Virus products.

A quick search on google and I think its likely to be a problem caused by your AV.Check the config of its auto update,it says its only supposed to check one or two times a day,and then update only the bits needed,but from the look of things,yours is updating all definitions continuously.Temporarily disable it,if the problem ceases,then try reconfiguring the prog.

  whisked 15:17 06 Mar 2004

I see, i have never heard of Backweb though!

Thanks anyway

  bretsky 15:20 06 Mar 2004

Have you looked in your ie> tools>synchronize, to see if you have got this set as an offline page by mistake!

bretsky ;0)

  Clint2 15:26 06 Mar 2004

Have a look at this click here

  whisked 15:29 06 Mar 2004

Cheers, not that though.

Chegs, i think that's what the problem is. I have disabled automatic updates and the problem has stopped, for now at least!

Funny thing is i have made no changes to the Auto updates since i installed it a few months ago, but i will tinker with it to try and get something sorted.

Cheers mate

  bretsky 15:37 06 Mar 2004

Glad you got it sorted!!!!!

bretsky ;0)

  whisked 15:41 06 Mar 2004

Thanks very much mate, this must be the problem as far as i can see. Just ran a search for backweb on my pc and got 9 files, should i just delete them all to be safe?

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