Browser problem

  cinabar 10:17 08 Nov 2006

I have downloaded the new version of Internet explorer and it seems to work ok. However on one web site I buy things off of when I try to add things to my shopping basket I get the note ‘Something odd is happening with this product, it has not been added to your shopping basket. An email will be sent to your webmaster’. I never got this before, I have no webmaster and it only happens with this site. Using a friends PC I can order things from this site without problem. What am I doing wrong, any suggestions?

  anskyber 10:22 08 Nov 2006

Are you getting a phishing warning? Can you tell us more about the "note" and where it appears?

  cinabar 10:39 08 Nov 2006

anskyber, no not getting a phishing warning. The web page is split into three sections, right,middle, left. The middle section shows the products and the right is ads until you select the 'add to shopping basket' on the product in the middle section. Then the right section should show the shopping basket. On pressing the @add to' button the ads dissapear but the shopping basket doesn't. This square pops up in the middle of the screen saying 'Somthing odd, etc.' Hope this helps.

  anskyber 11:41 08 Nov 2006

It could be your cookie settings. I recently ordered from a couple of sites I trusted and I could not get beyond the select page for getting to the shopping basket.

Because I knew the sites to be safe I temporarity stopped the cookie control and all was well. After the purchsaes I restored the controls. Its a mater of how much you trust the sites. Have you adjusted any security settings from the default settings?

  cinabar 13:00 08 Nov 2006

Again, thanks anskyber. I have used the restore point and gone back to the old Internet browser and it still happens. I've set all security settings to default and stopped the cookie control on that page. Still no luck. I rang the site owners and they tell me there is no problem with the site. Gona go back to knitting!!!!!!!!!

  birdface 13:16 08 Nov 2006

Not a firewall problem is it,Just wondering if you had dissalowed it when requested,One other thing I get now,Is Windows Defender pops in now and then,when you go into a new program and asks to accept or deny,Could be that,Iff you are with NTL, Could be that,Or if you are with Norton A/V Think you get more problems with that then any other Programs,That should pass the rest of the day for you, Good luck.

  woodchip 13:19 08 Nov 2006

Yes remove IE7

  Tazfan 14:14 08 Nov 2006

Have you another Browser to try the site with?
I highly recommend Avast as an IE replacement. I have used it for 2 years or so as my default browser. Never had a problem with it really.

  woodchip 18:04 08 Nov 2006

Avast is a Anti-Virus Program not a Browser. Unless I was looking the wrong way

  octal 18:37 08 Nov 2006

Avent browser maybe?

  Tazfan 19:33 08 Nov 2006

DOH!! Sorry about that. I did of course mean Avant.

Sorry for any confusion.

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