Browser print size

  Pine Man 10:23 17 Aug 2010

I normally use Firefox and have been trying out Safari for a while.

Not a lot to choose really BUT when I print off pages from Safari the font is tiny. How do I increase it?

  MAJ 10:42 17 Aug 2010

You can change it from within the printer's properties, usually, Pine Man, or check the Print Preview page, you might have the 'shrink to fit' option ticked. I did have the same problem a while ago and fixed it via the print preview page.

  Graphicool1 11:45 17 Aug 2010

The thing I miss most when viewing on Firefox is the magnification button on the bottom right of the task bar in IE7.

I suppose IE7 does have a few good points, although, I'm now struggling to think of another!

  Pine Man 12:50 17 Aug 2010

Thanks to you both.
MAJ - I'll have a go at that.
Graphicool1 - I don't have a problem with Firefox it prints out the same as IE. It's Safari that is the issue but hopefully the advice from MAJ will fix that.

  Taff™ 13:07 17 Aug 2010

Doesn`t the old trick of holding the Ctrl Key and running the scroll wheel on the mouse work in Firefox?

  Pine Man 13:28 17 Aug 2010

Can't find any way of changing things either in print preview, Canon (printer) properties, or Safari preferences.

Still never mind. I think that, overall, Firefox is better but I'll leave this open for a while to see if anybody else has any ideas.

  Nontek 13:36 17 Aug 2010

My mouse scroll-wheel does it in FF.

  Nontek 13:37 17 Aug 2010

Ooops, meant to say Ctrl and mouse ....

  Graphicool1 13:39 17 Aug 2010

I can't say I've ever really gone down the keyboard shortcut's route. Shortcuts they may be, but you still have to remember them! Anyway, I've just tried that suggestion in IE7 and I'm just going to give it a go in Firefox.

It worked like a dream, I'll have to try and remember that one. Cheers Taff™ G1.

PS...Pine Man have you tried that trick suggested by Taff™?

  Pine Man 14:51 17 Aug 2010

Yup - no good:-(

  Pine Man 14:59 17 Aug 2010

..I just tried the ctrl+mouse wheel in Firefox and it doesn't actually increase the font size it magnifies the print preview so you can read it easily.

The print out is still the same.

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