Browser Plug-Ins

  Pine Man 08:43 10 Mar 2013

I need some advice on what plug-ins are all about.

Using a simple example - Firefox has an Adobe Reader plug-in and if I click on a pdf file on a site it opens it for me. If I disable the plug-in and then click on a pdf file on a web site it opens it for me!? The same happens in IE10.

I have just installed Sumatra to deal with pdf files and during the installation an option exists for installing a Firefox plug-in. Firefox deals with the pdf files whether or not that plug-in is installed.

What is the point? Or am I missing something?

By the way Sumatra knocks spots off Adobe Reader:-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:33 10 Mar 2013

The latest editions of those two browsers have built in pdf reader capability and therefore the plugins(required for previous versions) are no longer required.

  Pine Man 09:45 10 Mar 2013

Fruit Bat

Thanks for your response but the pdf files were opening in either Adobe Reader or Sumatra NOT the built in Firefox reader.

  Pine Man 09:48 10 Mar 2013

I have just checked both browsers. Neither have any pdf readers installed as plug-ins but both open pdf files in Sumatra.

  rdave13 10:21 10 Mar 2013

Firefox and Chrome have now got a built in PDF reader. IE 10 hasn't. Your PDFs open in Sumatra as it's the default reader.

  lotvic 10:27 10 Mar 2013

Just guessing, Probably a setting ticked/selected in Sumatra program preferences that makes it the default viewer in Browsers.

  Pine Man 11:03 10 Mar 2013


I am trying to find out why you should have to install a Sumatra pdf plug-in with Firefox (and IE10) when it works perfectly without the plug-in and still opens in Sumatra and NOT the built in reader.


Sumatra is the default pdf reader but the Sumatra plug-in isn't installed but it still works. What is the point of the plug-in is my query.

  rdave13 11:11 10 Mar 2013

I don't have any PDF reader plug-in in firefox and it opens PDFs in the browser page. As for IE 10 I use the reader tile (win 8) to read PDFs. So I assume you downloaded Sumatra so you could read PDFs in IE10? I then assume Sumatra takes over as default reader in any browser.

  Pine Man 11:31 10 Mar 2013

I then assume Sumatra takes over as default reader in any browser

Yup I'm sure it does BUT why does it offer a plug-in for Firefox when a pdf file still opens in Sumatra (or Adobe Reader when installed) without the plug-in?

Adobe Reader and Sumatra install a plug-in in both IE10 and Firefox but both seem to work as a reader without it.

  lotvic 12:15 10 Mar 2013

Maybe the 'plug-in(s)' just make an entry in the browser list so you can choose it or another one? Meaning if plug-in is not installed it doesn't appear in the list and Sumatra (or another) pdf reader is the default in Windows it is opened automatically.

  Pine Man 13:05 10 Mar 2013


Good thinking. You might have hit the nail on the head! In theory you could have a different pdf reader in each of your browsers. Hmmmm I think I'll stick to Sumatra in both.

Thanks for your input.

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