Browser History

  Rubroy 13:09 02 Jul 2005

I run Windows XP Home. My ISP is BTYahoo which works on the back of Internet Explorer. Can anyone please tell me how to prevent the address bar from retaining previous browing history in its pull down list when I start a new search?

I use Webroot Window Washer as a matter of expedience but Webroot have no answer yet - they are working on it. (So am I!)

  VoG II 13:13 02 Jul 2005

Try Tools | Internet Options, Content tab, Autocomplete button, untick Web addresses.

  Rubroy 18:21 10 Jul 2005

Thanks Vog - it worked,but only once. Next time I went on line the same thing happened!

  Completealias 19:12 10 Jul 2005

Try tools internet options clear history button on the general tab

  oseven 19:57 10 Jul 2005

Try this click here
This will clear your history on shut down ,get rid of cookies etc.Depends how you set it up.

  Rubroy 22:54 10 Jul 2005

Where do I find tools on the browser?

  Completealias 23:17 10 Jul 2005

Tools on the menu bar and then internet options from the drop down list

  Rubroy 09:50 11 Jul 2005

Thanks everyone but I think there is a bit of misunderstanding:

(1) BTYahoo browser (my default) does not have a tool bar. OK, Internet Explorer (and Yahoo) does have, so accepting that, the information was fine and yes of course emptying the history cache clears the history but it starts a new cache next time you go on line. I suppose I could just set it to clear every day, but what I was hoping to achieve is a way of stopping the cache saving the information at all if I want to. Too much to ask perhaps?

  oseven 19:20 11 Jul 2005

What you want can be done because I did it a year ago but have forgotten what I did.Sorry.
Suggest you clear this link and re-post asking how to stop IE from rembering URL,s in the pull down list.
Good luck.

  woodchip 19:26 11 Jul 2005

If you use Netscape you can set it to ZERO

  Completealias 20:36 11 Jul 2005

Try this it might work goto tools, internet options again and on the general tab it say days to keep pages in history(down the bottom) try setting this to zero clear the history as well in theory it should now not remember anything

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