Browser creating high memory usage, slow, noise etc!

  gazmix 19:49 13 Jan 2014


Each time i open my browser on certain sites (that prob have a lot going on), the memory usage goes to over 300.000 in task manager & there is a fan whirring noise & often get the 'Not Responding' message.

I had something similar last month that was just high memory usage in general & that has gone away as a member here gave me this link :- click here it worked.

Now, it's just when the browser (Firefox) is on certain pages. It's always 275.000/305.000 but only the whirring noise on certain pages! Is there anyway i can decrease the memory usage for sites as this as only just started to happen.




  gazmix 19:53 13 Jan 2014


switching tabs in the browser between site to site as far as the noise is concerned works, but this doesn't lower the memory usage in task manager.

  gazmix 16:39 15 Jan 2014

can anyone help with this. I guess it's not the browser, it's just certain webpages like this one & facebook, any that have a lot of activity. When i change a tab to lets say Google, it goes away & the mem.usage drops but it's only just started happening. I've defragged disk & used ccleaner to clean up & it still happens.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:00 16 Jan 2014

"'s just certain webpages like this one....."

Your problem is probably due to all the massive, resource-hungry advertisements - especially the Flash-based ones. It's likely too that your CPU is running at 100% which causes the fan to come on full blast to try and cool the over-heated processor down.

Try the Adblock Plus add-on for Firefox. That should get rid of all those pesky ads and improve your browsing performance tremendously.

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