parkhead 14:16 26 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas, Guys!

1. My Internet Explorer is running really slowly. (Windows 7) Is it possible to re-install it or something similar to sort the problem?

2. Meantime, I am using Google Chrome and no problems with this at all. However, Google Chrome does not appear to have a toolbar. All I need is 'Home' and 'Favourites'. Is it possible to get them?

3. How can I make the Google Chrome launch into a full page? It always loads small and to one side.

4. Also, how can I get folders to open at a set size and in the same place on my desktop all the time?

Many thanks.

  Ian in Northampton 14:38 26 Dec 2010

If you click on the spanner top right and then on Options, that allows you to have a 'home' icon. You may find the other options you're looking for there too. Sorry, I can't help you with the other stuff.

  parkhead 15:29 26 Dec 2010


Many thanks for this. I've got the Home button and that is a big help!

  rawprawn 15:35 26 Dec 2010

Internet Explorer, click on Tools> Internet Options> Advanced Options> "Reset" Button.
This will restore it to Default Settings

  parkhead 17:54 26 Dec 2010


Reset did not work. I downloaded IE9 but still slow. I'll stick with Google Chrome but thanks very much for your help.

  Ian in Northampton 19:26 26 Dec 2010

Parkhead: Chrome doesn't seem to handle Favourites like IE. At the right hand end of the URL bar, there's a star. Navigate to the web site you want, then click on the star. It will give you the option of either adding it to your bookmarks bar so that it is easily accessible with one click at any time, or adding it to the 'Other Bookmarks' folder (which is kinda like IE's Favourites folder. It works great for me, the only limitation being the number of favourites you can have on the bookmarks bar. By abbreviating site names - e.g. PC Advisor is PCA - I can fit 20 - and if you add more than the bookmarks bar can handle, it'll just give you an arrow at the right hand end so you can navigate to others. Hope this helps. By the way: I used to use IE, but I'm now 100% converted to Chrome... :-)

  parkhead 22:18 26 Dec 2010


I follow that exactly and I am up and running with Chrome - with the wee star doing its job! Thank you once again.

  Angry Kid 22:33 26 Dec 2010


You could also use click here this as I find it very useful.

Angry ;-)

  parkhead 22:37 26 Dec 2010

Thanks, Angry Kid. I'll check that out in the morning.

Thanks again.

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