Brother Printer Network Problem

  U10 17:57 04 Apr 2008

I have my new Vista computer wirelessly networked with an XP computer attached to a Brother 1440 laser printer. This printer is wirelessly shared with a new Vista computer. I can print documents fine when they are actually on the new Vista computer but when I try to print a shared word document that's on the old XP computer but using the new computer, it just prints rubbish. I also have a newer Samsung colour laser but it does not show this problem. I guess it must be a driver issue but where do I start? Thanks for any help.

  Ditch999 18:05 04 Apr 2008

I had to install Vista drivers on my sons Vista laptop for my Brother printer. If you have a document open on a Vista machine and try to print it from an XP machine which driver will it use? I would say the Vista driver but as its actually coming from an XP machine I think you will have problems as you mentioned. Have you installed Vista drivers on the laptop for the Brother?

  U10 18:23 04 Apr 2008

When I set up this network, aren't the drivers for the shared printer on the machine that it's connected to? If so, shouldn't the XP drivers be sufficient. I wasn't aware that drivers are installed on the machine at the other end of the network - i.e. on the Vista machine. If I need to install Vista drivers for the printer (they are available) how do I do it? Many thanks.

  Ditch999 18:49 04 Apr 2008

As I said, the only way to get me sons laptop to print to my Brother laser printer which was attached to my XP desktop was to install Vista drivers on his laptop. Download them from the Brother website and install them on the laptop. Go to the Control Panel and select Printers then open the printer properties for the Brother printer and find the driver and change it from the XP one to the Vista one.

  U10 19:18 04 Apr 2008

Thanks for your help Ditch, but I've looked for that and the drivers are greyed out on the Vista machine because as Brother printer is shared, I think the drivers must be installed on the XP machine. Or can they be accessed from the Vista computer?

  Ditch999 19:43 04 Apr 2008

ok then we'll try a different approach. Install the Vista drivers on the laptop as Administrator, go to Control Panel, select Printers then Add a Printer (make sure the XP machine is switched on and the printer is enabled for sharing on it) the select Networked printer and browse for the Brother laser then set it as the default printer. When its completed delete the other old printer in the Printers folder.

  U10 19:56 04 Apr 2008

Thanks - I've done that but the problem still exists - whichever word file I print has a strange mixture of characters and not the original file as it should read. This is only when I'm printing shared files on the old computer connected to the printer using the Vista computer. I think I'll have to give Brother a ring about it.

  Ditch999 20:04 04 Apr 2008

I've also seen this behavior when you have two different versions of Word. What version is on the XP printer PC and what version is on the Vista laptop?

  U10 20:12 04 Apr 2008

Both are using Word 2007. The weird thing is that my other Samsung printer doesn't show this problem so it has to be down to the Brother printer.

  Ditch999 20:14 04 Apr 2008

Looks like it. Sorry couldn't help.

  Ditch999 20:20 04 Apr 2008

Last chance! Read this click here It seems to be a problem.

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