Brother Laser Printer 1050

  Southernboy 23:59 31 Jan 2004

I bought this printer as a PCA "Best Buy" a couple of years ago. I had one problem during the first year and the Brother Engineer changed the Drum.

I bought my fourth Brother Toner Cartridge about 25 days ago and, in accordance with my usual practice, I installed it correctly. This is to say, the cartridge was carefully shaken before installation, the blue tab was moved left to right 6/7 times, the green Drum was cleaned with a clean cotton wool swab to remove all traces of toner residue and the print window was cleaned. The last three times this procedure was followed, the printer worked perfectly. I also printed a Test Page the check all was well and dated and filed it.

Last Sunday, I printed some reports and noticed that the print quality had become very faint. Initially, I removed the Drum/Cartridge and carried out the basic maintenance of moving the blue tab and shaking the toner cartrdige. This had no effect. I printed another Test Page and found that, whilst the blacks were dense black when the toner was installed, the black bar at the bottom was now distinctly mottled. There is still 81% of drum life left and I have only printed just 9,000 pages since the printer was bought new. According to the manual, the printer should print 30,000 pages before any factory maintence is necessary. I have checked the print quality settings and they are fine.

I contacted Brother, but they were simply not interested as the printer is out of guarantee, even though it has had such little use. When I asked them what it might be, they told me "it could be anything". The suggested I buy another toner, but since I have only just bought one (and the Test Page was fine),and printed less than 20 A4 pages, I cannot justify laying out another £50 on the off-chance it might work.

I have described the problem as best I can. Has anyone come across this problem, or am I faced with having to buy a new printer, simply because I don't know what to do about this. All advice would be welcome.

PS, Although the printer is out of guarantee, surely it should not break down when it has had less than one third of it's estimated trouble-free life?

  howard60 07:10 01 Feb 2004

I would suggest that you shake it up a bit more as it could have been lying on a shelf a long time and settled toner does this occasionally. Have you vacuumed the inside out lately you could have some old toner solidified and blocking the outlet pipe hole - just guessing really as I do not know this printer.

  Southernboy 21:14 02 Feb 2004

the new Toner worked fine at the start - see above - if the faults you suggest were present, it would not have.

My view is that the machine has developed a fault that Brother are unwilling to acknowledge.

  Rtus 21:20 02 Feb 2004

Is there any warranty offered with the refil? At £50 I would have thought there may be!

  Southernboy 21:03 04 Feb 2004

Brother are not interested, I don't see how I can see any redress for the problem. If I were to take to the Toner back to PCW, I don't think they would be interested either.

It really shows that you are on your own with a printer after the expiry of the warranty period.

  velodrome 04:58 05 Feb 2004

Although your warranty has expired you still have rights. Go here click here

  Southernboy 08:48 06 Feb 2004

I am writing again to Brother.

  Southernboy 17:30 09 Feb 2004

How long is a "reasonable life" for a printer?

  velodrome 00:19 10 Feb 2004

I would expect a printer to have a reasonable life of at least 4 years. No one would expect to buy a laser printer every 2 years, except people who feel that they must have the latest gadget.
I have had a Brother HL-1030 laser for almost 4 years and it still prints as good as new.
I also have an HP deskjet that I have had for more than 6 years and it's still OK. 2 years is not a reasonable life for a printer.

  velodrome 00:27 10 Feb 2004

Perhaps I should have added - can you imagine Brother making the claim that "our printers can only be expected to last 2 years". Don't think so.

  ch0pper 00:41 10 Feb 2004

I find Brother's attitude surprising.

My mother has an ageing (8 yrs) but very complex Brother knitting machine, and when she had a problem last summer a phone call to Brother produced an engineer within a week. Admittedly, she had to pay but the guy was most helpful.

I'm still running a HP Laserjet4L which I got in 1994. It hasn't given me an instant's problem in all the time I've used it. And my DeskJet 500 is still going strong too.

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