Brother HL-5050 drum counter reset?

  Bart of Darkness 22:09 27 Jul 2004

A bit of a long shot this one, but here goes.

The drum assembly on my Brother HL-5050 has reached the end of its life (0% remaining according to the status page) but it has been like that for a while and the printer is still carrying on. What should have happened is that the drum warning light should change from flashing to permanently lit and the printer would refuse to print until a change of drum. I can change the drum unit but the drum warning light continues to flash, indicating that the drum usage counter has not been reset.

According to Brother's web set, the instructions on how to reset the counter are in the instructions for the new drum (which I've no longer got).

Is there anyone out there with a similar series of Brother (5000) who can advise me?

  beeuuem 00:56 28 Jul 2004

After replacing the drum unit, keep the front cover open (make sure the power is on). Press and hold the "GO" button for four seconds, the display will then show "DRUM CLEAR". Close the front cover. The counter is reset!

  HauxtonPhil 08:19 28 Jul 2004

I bought a 5050 recently. Didn't know that there was a 'drum' or that it needed replacing sometimes. Just so that I'm prepared, what is the drum, what does it do, and how many copies have you done to need replacing. I know this doesn't help you, but ...

  Bart of Darkness 11:05 28 Jul 2004

beeuuem, you're a star! It worked just as you said. Now that poor overworked drum warning light can have a rest for a few months. Many thanks for taking the trouble to respond.

HauxtonPhil. I know what you mean. I've used laser printers for years at work but this is the first one I've owned, so I'm finding out a little more about their running costs.

You should get 20,000 pages from a drum before it needs replacing (I've gone well over that but that's another story!). I'm sure someon else can explain what the drum actually does (I'd be interested to know that myself!). Unless you're printing many 1000s of pages a month (as I am) the drum should last a long time. Replacement cost is approx. £100 I'm afraid.

Having said all that, the HL-5050 is a cracking little printer and still has low running costs relative to many other printers.

  beeuuem 13:09 28 Jul 2004

Always glad to help - if and when I can :-)

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