Brother DCP-350C Printer Error Message

  mcheathen 15:46 26 Jan 2013

A red light flashes on the 'Photo Capture' button and on the screen there is the following message: 'Unable to Print 50'.

Now I've checked to see if any paper is jammed (and there isn't) and the ink cartages have been recently replace. So what exactly could be wrong?

  lotvic 23:44 26 Jan 2013

Try resetting it. Instructions step by step

  lotvic 23:51 26 Jan 2013

suggest you read the comments at bottom as some had to adjust a couple of the instructions. Here is another link but it focuses on the error 46 the purge counter

  spuds 11:42 27 Jan 2013

I have a Brother DCP-135C, which is a superb machine, so I would suggest that if the above two link suggestions do not work, then un-install and try a re-instal, so as to perhaps clear the memory, and see if that helps?.

  lotvic 20:31 27 Jan 2013

The manual on page 70 says to: Disconnect the machine from the power for several minutes, then reconnect it.

  mcheathen 21:31 27 Jan 2013

Sorry for post two threads on this topic. I couldn't find the first one I posted. It has been disconnected for a long time and when re-connected it still doesn't work.

One of the links say that I should press the 'set' button, yet on the DCP-350C there is no set button. There are only 9 buttons: Photo Capture, Sa#can, INk Management, On/Off, Menu, OK, Stop/Exit, Mono and Colour. There are also two groups of arrow keys. One for number of copies and another for the Menu.

@Spud, what exactly did you mean when you said un-install and try a re-instal?

  SillBill 21:48 27 Jan 2013

Found this on it relates to Print error 50, but use at your own risk!

Hi, I had this same problem and it is an easy fix. It is similar on all brother printers but mine was a 5860CN.

Lift the lid on your printer and at the back you can see the opening where the print head is. With the power off, use your finger to move the print head into the middle. Now feel under the lip of the cover at the front of the gap and you will find a plastic strip that runs from one side to the other. This is the encoding strip and it what the print head uses to read where it is. This encoding strip is easily pushed out of position when a paper jam occurs and all you need to do is to get it back into position. Using both hands use a finger on either side of the print head and lift the encoding strip upwards slightly and move slightly towards the back of the printer. This will locate it back into the correct position in the print head when you release. You can feel this with your fingers. Power back on and the problems will be gone! Remember and be gentle so as not to damage the encoder strip!

  lotvic 22:02 27 Jan 2013

set = ok button.

Try this one to reset printer pcmediks.blogspot (remember that to enter numbers you press the up or down arrow and then press OK) one of the comments at bottom says it works with the 350 printer.

  lotvic 22:09 27 Jan 2013

when you checked for paper jammed, did you also check the print head was in the centre and not jammed at the left side? Here's how to move it back to centre

  mcheathen 14:08 28 Jan 2013

The encoding strip appears to be attached to the print head - I looked inside with a flashlight. Itried using the resetting procedure and got it to do 'PURGE 0000'. Still no joy. I am now getting a 'Unable to Print 51' message and I am unable to go through another reset procedure.

  lotvic 14:45 28 Jan 2013

Try this way to start it off, Switch on the machine while holding down the "Menu" button, until all the leds are flashing on/off and it should enter the "maintenance" mode, then it's the usual:

  • Press 80
  • Press the "Mono start" button several times until you see "purge: xxxx"
  • Press "2783" in order to reset the purge counter. You will see: "purge:0000"
  • Press the "Stop" button.
  • Press "99" to exit the maintenance mode.

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