Broken/Non-Working USB ports -- Wi-Fi USB Hub?

  knockoutlounge 04:43 23 Apr 2014

I have a Toshiba Laptop that has had broken USB ports since I purchased it (refurb, no returns, screw it).

I actually dropped the bad boy a few days ago and wound up making the little hard drive chirp like a birdie; needless to say, a quick trip to Staples rectified that.

Now, here's the issue/question (if you're still reading):

Due to no USB ports working and, realistically I give up. Is it possible, and what's the best method for connecting a keyboard and mouse if I were to connect to a TV via HDMI.

Is there a Wi-Fi USB hub that my laptop can pair with via WiFi and use USB ports from that device? If so, is this viable? I've seen a few on the web, but not sure how they work - has anyone had experience and/or working knowledge? Is there any other work around for using USB devices on a PC with broken USB ports?

Or, I know HP has made a WiFi mouse with mediocre ratings; is there a WiFi keyboard?

Thanks folks!

  mole1944 06:51 23 Apr 2014

Try Amazon and type in "hdmi to usb" less quotes, remember all electronic equipment is delicate try not to be so clumsy. As to the ports have you gone into device manager and deleted all the usb items (May have a exclamation mark against them) and rebooted the machine, also replace the drive and reinstall windows as a test to see if the the software on the old drive is missing,you can always slot your original drive back. Thirdly you could try the sfc command Google it to get the exact syntax.Right of you go work for you to do.

  knockoutlounge 08:32 23 Apr 2014

I've done the Management routine prior; never had luck. I'm sure I've done the CMOS drain a few times. The hard drive is brand spankin' new with the recovery disks from the company that I had ordered 3months ago. I had to purchase the new HD due to me being clumsy.

Off the top of my head, I cannot recall the exact message I receive, but it says something such as "USB Device has malfunctioned" (loosely quoted). Not only that, but now since the fresh install (I fell asleep shortly after), it would play the chime of a USB device being inserted and removed every few seconds. I know this occured before and I turned off the 'sound' warning and continued as normal.

One of the 4 ports DOES have damage to it, physically, I cannot put a USB item in there (the adapter piece in the middle is broken/bent inward).

Does this help at all?

Toshiba A665-S6086 is the model; Windows 7; 4GB ram; 500HD (new). Thanks!

  knockoutlounge 08:33 23 Apr 2014

I'm sure there's a fix; I guess 'broken' and giving up could be a bad idea. Although hearing, "I guess your motherboard is shot" gets old. =)

  knockoutlounge 09:03 23 Apr 2014

This is the recovery disk, upon load of Windows 7, there were 76 drivers loaded from the Toshiba Factory Restore. I also plan on installing IoBit's Advanced System Care and running it's driver update software; but this has all been done before prior to the fresh HD.

  knockoutlounge 09:40 23 Apr 2014

Whilst true, still never have been able to use the USB. There WAS a point where one of the ports WOULD charge my phone, but it would do nothing else. I'm assuming that is the SATA/Charge port - but the I/O wasn't being activated.

Laptops make me sad. Any other ideas to try besides drivers? I work nights, so I have some toying left to do when I get back home from work.

  mole1944 10:51 23 Apr 2014

Once again all i can suggest is a fresh full install the one that wipes your drive,then it's a case of installing updates then updates to updates.......... ,one my machine is where i want it i do a clone with Acronis, cloning back takes ages 4 hours (542Mb) or usually just swap disks 5 minutes maximum.

  daxian 11:03 23 Apr 2014

hi ... there is another option : click here laptops have this port ...plug in the card voila you have usb ports...


  lotvic 11:10 23 Apr 2014

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