Broken Taxan monitor (power supply) Fix?

  Andrew-C 09:34 13 Mar 2004

My 1998 monitor has collapsed. Apparently it's the power supply that has gone as it tries to turn on, manages to get the LED lit and then clicks and turns off.

It's a Taxan Ergovision 735 TCO99 with the USB hub on its stand.

Does anyone know if it's worth repairing it, or indeed if it's possible to fix it.

Thanks for any help


  Gemma 11:56 13 Mar 2004

The cost and delay in getting it repaired, if you can find anyone to do it and can get the spares, will not be worth it. You get a 6 year old monitor with a previous conviction. Take a small amount of money to a PC fair and replace it with a younger model.

If you feel tempted to look inside - don't. There can be nasty voltages lurking in there.

  Diemmess 17:55 13 Mar 2004

Echo everything Gemma has said including the warning about the killer charge which can remain on the EHT circuits for several hours after switch-off...... At around 30kv with enough energy stored in the huge capacitors to deliver a fat spark if deliberately discharged, and an accompanying "bang." It may be this part of the circuit that has failed, and consequently there is nothing lethal there.

Do you feel lucky???
If repair was of national importance it would still cost more than a new monitor.

No. This is terminal.

  byfordr 18:10 13 Mar 2004

Taxan have a excellent reputation for customer service. May be worth approaching them.

Dont be too bothered about short warranties.... friend of mine had a 4yr old Mitsu CRT monitor replaced FOC recently (3 yr warranty) as he argued that regardless of warranty period he would expect a top of the range commercial monitor not to expire in 4 years of minimal use. Warranty isn't set in stone....just quote along the lines of 'unfit quality for intended use'



apart from that the cost to repair compared to a new purchase seems a no brainer

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