Broken space bar fix

  Alan-Petrie 21:57 17 Dec 2008


One of my friends broke the space bar on their laptop some how and cant get it fix just now so I was wondering is there a way to like change the function of a less used key such as the key to the left of the ! and 1 to make it the space as a temp solution.

Thanks Alan

  Miké 22:08 17 Dec 2008

Try this click here haven't tried itt myself though.

  Alan-Petrie 22:14 17 Dec 2008


the link on the website to download it didnt work but theres a diffrent link I found via google

  DieSse 23:47 17 Dec 2008

Alt + 32 gives a space

That is - hold down the Alt key and press 32 on the numeric pad

  Alan-Petrie 14:10 18 Dec 2008

thanks for your help i dont belive keyextender works with vista, however the space bar appears to be working again so its ok. Thanks again

  tech_princess 18:56 15 Aug 2010

Hey , i had broken my ENTER button a few months ago, i found a reliable company where i ordered my laptop keyboard ENTER key from, they service was quick and didn't cost me much. You can have a look at their webpage click here

  Nontek 22:22 15 Aug 2010

Spammer - this thread is nearly two years old!!

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