Broken screen

  BooST 14:25 04 Dec 2008


Have a esprimo mobile running windows vista and just dropped it breaking the screen (aaaaaarrrrggghhhh)
The laptop still works fine but a cant see anything, does anyone have any idea's on how I can view all my stuff so I can take it off.

I plugged the laptop into my tv but it only shows a copy of my desktop picture, no files etc.
I can see the mouse, tried right clicking but anything opened from that goes to the laptop screen so I cant see it.
The last time it was used I had turned off the wireless network so I cant try and connect another computer to it via the internet.

Any help from anyone on this is realy appriciated


  FreeCell 14:39 04 Dec 2008

Usually there is a function key option to switch display from laptop screen to external monitor. Icons on your Function key tops should show you which. Its F5 on mine but it's a Toshiba.

Maybe that damage is more than the screen. Another thread posted a recommendation for a repair shop that will collect (if in UK)
click here

  BooST 14:47 04 Dec 2008

Hi FreeCell,

Thanks for the input, F10 on my keyboard is the picture of tv screen with smaller tv screen inside but I pressed that and nothing happend

  The Brigadier 14:50 04 Dec 2008

You could use a HDD enclosure and check off another PC?
How olds the laptop?

  FreeCell 14:51 04 Dec 2008

That sounds the one. Keep pressing. Usually it goes in a sequence of : laptop screen, external screen, and both laptop and external

  FreeCell 14:56 04 Dec 2008

Don't know if a network crossover cable would help by allowing you to connect two PCs together and then access files on your hard drive.

Brigadier's idea for a caddy would allow you to do this. A caddy can be bought for c£10. Do you know if you have an IDE or SATA hard drive?

  BooST 19:26 04 Dec 2008

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the postings, have tried playing with the settings and pressing F2 at start up does put the settings on the other monitor but when you press F10 for save the settings, it drops back down to the broken screen again.
The computer is 6 months old and even the warranty people said no can do and to send it to them, pay a tidy little sum just for them to tell me its broken.

I think unless someone comes up with a miricle, I think the only option is to try and track down one of these caddys

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:45 04 Dec 2008

F10 on my keyboard is the picture of tv screen with smaller tv screen inside but I pressed that and nothing happend

If the picture is in Blue then you need to press Fn and F10 together to swap to external monitor.

  BooST 22:06 05 Dec 2008

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your input, I have just ordered a hdd enclosure off ebay new for a tenner so I think this is going to be my only option as I have tried everything else.
I have located another computer, exact model as mine so I will buy that and start again.

Many thanks for all your input


  ambra4 22:14 05 Dec 2008

You have to set the laptop to show both laptop and external displays, if set to external display only, the display will default back to the laptop display every time you power on or reboot the laptop

  peter99co 23:26 05 Dec 2008

Claim on your household insurance under accidental damage. Phone your Insurance company and ask for a claim form. Tell them what has happened. You will probably have to buy a new one and they should refund you the cost.

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