Broken Laptop screen

  LivEviL 10:22 10 Mar 2009

Hi im pretty sure i know what the problem is but just want to check with you guys, i have a toshiba Equium M50-216 laptop, i believe the screen is broken, it isnt cracked and its still bright which makes me think the inverter is fine, the problem is there are loads of lines going across the screen and some going down the screen, there isnt a clear picture its just white, iv tried udpixel to try and see if it that would work, and iv checked the cable at both ends of the screen. so im guessing the screen needs replacing, i get a picture when pluged into a monitor so that out put is ok,

can anyone just confirm to me that it is the screen before i spend £100 on a new screen

  Taff™ 11:02 10 Mar 2009

The brightness suggests the backlight is OK. Not sure if we can assume the inverter is though. Wait for another expert opinion, I`m not sure that the inverter failing would produce the symptoms you describe.

  pk46 11:06 10 Mar 2009

A £100 FOR A NEW LAPTOP SCREEN wow i wish you luck

  pk46 11:10 10 Mar 2009

I will take that comment back i have just found it for £89 HAVEN'T THEY COME DOWN IN PRICE.

  woodchip 11:20 10 Mar 2009

Sounds like it may be built in Graphics that gone, cost more for a Mobo than Laptops worth

  woodchip 11:22 10 Mar 2009

Sorry just read last part of your post. Not sure if the Graphics is split for External monitor and the screen, it may be

  LivEviL 08:56 11 Mar 2009

so do you think its the screen? or the grapgics chip?

  LivEviL 08:58 11 Mar 2009

oh and if the back light is ok the inverter must be fine as it powers the backlight so we can rule that one out

  LivEviL 09:00 11 Mar 2009

ad on last post, when iv disconnected the inverter the screen still has these lines just no longer bright

  LivEviL 18:04 11 Mar 2009


  Taff™ 11:10 12 Mar 2009

If you get an output to an external screen we can say that the graphics chip is OK. Therefore it should be the screen that has failed. If I were you I`d have it checked by a local laptop repair specialist to confirm this. Spending £89 on a new screen might be the solution but wasted money if it proves to be something else.

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