broken externall hard drive corrupted.

  Linda Weir 12:24 02 Apr 2014

i knocked ove rmy wonderful automatic hardrive. and now it wont work. what i can i do in terms of getting someone to repair copy it.

  Diemmess 12:51 02 Apr 2014

Is the Hard Drive in a little case of its own with a USB plug to fit the computer? If so it may have survived and only become detached somewhere within. I assume the PC or Laptop socket didn't suffer, a sharp tug could damage the motherboard inside the computer and that is very serious.

If the HD looks OK but won't power up and you don't want to go poking about the inside of its case then ask around for which is a good repair shop in your locality and take the HD to them.

Better still if you have a friend who could go through the checks to prove the HD is/is not, truly jiggered.

  wee eddie 13:47 02 Apr 2014

Repair is, very likely, uneconomic. Replacement would probably be cheaper.

Copy/Retrieve the files on it: How much are you willing to pay?

  Batch 14:00 02 Apr 2014

External hard drives are basically a caddy (comprising the box and some connective electronics) and the hard disk itself. The hard disk is just a bog standard type disk as used inside a computer.

If the hard disk itself is damaged it is high likely that it will be very expensive to get any data off it (via an expensive specialist service) and the disk will need to be replaced anyhow.

If it is just the connective electronics, then a replacement caddy will fix things.

I suggest that you try and get a replacement caddy (you need to know the disk size [2.5 or 3.5 inch] and the type [SATA or IDE]). A new caddy will cost a few pounds. The hard disk can then be swapped in to the new caddy. If this is beyond your capabilities, find someone that can do it. If it all works OK, then you are home and dry. If not, see above regarding the hard disk itself being damaged.

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