broken drive can i use recovery discs on an external drive?

  garypf 18:13 17 Mar 2015

my internal drive is broken on my sony vaio and ive been using a external drive which has been fine but now i want to reset everything using my recovery discs but im worried it will not recognise the external drive at some point during the process can any shed any light on this cheers Garypf

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:22 17 Mar 2015

I am surprise you have been able to boot windows on an external drive.

If your recovery disks contain an image you could just replace the drive and recover to the new drive.

If the recovery disks only contain software to actuate an image in a hidden partition on the drive then you will not be able to recover.

Is the drive physically damaged (making noises) or just corrupted (won't boot)

  garypf 18:29 17 Mar 2015

the internal disc drive is just spinning away not reading anything.. i haven't tried re-booting with my external drive yet as disc 1 wipes everything and disc 2 restores it back to factory settings, I've got a feeling it wont run disc 2 once disc 1 has wiped everything

  robin_x 18:53 17 Mar 2015

If you look in Disk Management you should see your internal and external drives (Disks 0 and 1) and the partition map.

Like this

(Press Windows key and R and type diskmgmt.msc)

Do you see partitions or is the drive missing or blank?


Installing to external drive might work and equally it might not and you'll have a screwed up ext drive.

It's not an ideal solution though even if it does.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:10 17 Mar 2015

I think the OP's talking about optical (DVD/CD) drives.

Gary, in principle, if you can boot from disk #1 then disk #2 should work too. If you're at all nervous then create a disk image of your hard drive first so you can put everything back to how it was if there's some sort of disaster.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:21 17 Mar 2015

What op system?

Try tapping F8 as you power on and see if it allows you to get to the advance tools menu and choose Startup repair

  Secret-Squirrel 20:07 17 Mar 2015

Gary, please confirm whether you're talking about a broken internal hard drive or optical drive. If it's the latter then I may have a much better idea for your factory restore.

  garypf 21:25 17 Mar 2015

the hard drive is fine its the optical drive(DVD/CD)Thats not reading discs secret squirrel

  Secret-Squirrel 21:45 17 Mar 2015

".....its the optical drive(DVD/CD)Thats not reading discs secret squirrel"

That's what I thought.

Most laptops have a hidden hard-drive partition that contains all the files necessary to restore the computer back to its factory condition. This feature is usually accessed either by pressing a certain F8 key on startup, or, it appears as an option in the "System Recovery Options" screen which you get to via F8 at startup -> "Repair your computer". No DVDs are required. The Sony support webpage for your particular model will tell you what restore options are available to you.

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