Broken Down CRT Monitior

  Rogmur 17:27 12 Aug 2008

Hi to all Forum Members.

I wanted to know if anyone on this Forum could advise me about disposing off or repairing my beloved Mitsubishi Diamondtron SB930?

In this age of recycling and sparing the landfill sites of toxic electrical waste products (WEEE is a case in point), I am amazed that there is so little choice in getting our PC equipment repaired.

I really do not want to dipose of my CRT monitor at the local Council dump when it could be repaired and given to someone free to carry on using.

Any help would be appreciated

Kind regards


  citadel 18:12 12 Aug 2008

new crt's are cheap and you can get second hand one's for next to nothing so it is probably not worth repairing them.

  Stuartli 18:13 12 Aug 2008

Try your local independent TV and audio retail outlet with regard to repairs.

  bjh 18:21 12 Aug 2008

It may not be possible for you to repair it - but a local computer shop (small one) may welcome it. They may not be able to give you anything for it, but it's worth a go.

Alternatively, look at Freecycle. click here You may be giving it away for free, but someone may love it (even if for spares)

Freecycle is an excellent way to avoid the dump... and occasionally you can get something you want back!

  Rogmur 18:56 13 Aug 2008

Hi There Forum Members

Many Thanks to Citadel, Stuartli and bjh for your advice.
Will follow the suggestions.

Kind regards


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