Broken browser.

  NickyK 09:46 26 May 2005

My microsoft internet explore browser no longer works. I have been told it might be broken. I use AOL 9.0 to use the net, but some of my microsoft updates won't come through. When I ckeck, the IE browser is dead (page not found). Am I doing something wrong? If not, how can I fix it without messing with my AOL? PS I use WIndows XP with the Servce Pack 2 installed.

  mattyc_92 10:00 26 May 2005

It is AOL's parental controls... You MUST edit the parental controls so that it doesn't filter anything.... If you don't, then IE can't access the internet...

You may also have your firewall blocking IE as well

  gudgulf 10:15 26 May 2005

Instructions on how to repair or reinstall IE click here

But before you do that check that IE is allowed to connect to the internet by your firewall.If you are using a third party firewall you could also try switching it off(or uninstalling it) and enabling Windows own firewall from the Security Centre.Then try using IE again.

The built in firewall does not prevent any outgoing internet connections so if IE is ok then it should connect.Some firewalls can itermittently stop you getting connected to web pages with IE (and I have had problems using Firefox too).Even though you can connect to the internet itself no problem.Examples from my own experience are Norton and ZoneAlarm(happened frequently with this)....with both it needed a reinstall of the firewall to get it to work and it happened without any changes to the firewall settings.I am also with AOL but I doubt if that is an issue.I've had the best results using the McAfee firewall that is provided by AOL.

Hope this helps.

  NickyK 17:37 26 May 2005

Thanks to both posts. I'll be very careful before I give up and reinstall it. I'll also give parental controls and my firewall a good look.

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