Broke screen on lap top

  melly0909 13:58 01 Feb 2007

I have a Toshiba Satellite lap top which my ex broke the screen, I also have a Emahine 3240. is there anyway i can transfer the programmes to my pc from the lap top. Do i need to remove the broken screen first. i know to replace a screen i may as well buy a new lap top but i dont want to lose any of the programmes i have on the lap top? Can i get into the lap top via the pc?

  FreeCell 14:24 01 Feb 2007

You can use a PC monitor with the laptop. Just connect the monitor to the vga connector which you should find on the back of the laptop. Use Function F5 key to toggle display to monitor.

You can't just transfer programs from one pc to another as the registry settings are key to making programs work and transferring these is the problem. There may be some software that enables you to do this but I don't know of any.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:25 01 Feb 2007

You have a few options but with one caveat; you will need the installation CDs / files to install the programs onto another machine.

You can take the disk out of the laptop and use a special caddy to connect it via USB to the new machine if you so wish.

You may be able to connect an external monitor to the laptop and see what's running that way - then save your data onto optical media.

  melly0909 14:32 01 Feb 2007

I would also like to add that where as i say the screen is broke, it does light up (it had been punched) i have tried to attatch to another monitor but because the screen "lights up" there is no visible way to see anything on it. so when i attatch to a monitor there is no way i can see what is goin on on the lap top as to very very poor visiblity..

  Diodorus Siculus 14:50 01 Feb 2007

In which case you will need to remove the hard disk and take the data from it via the caddy suggested above.

Just to reiterate, there is no easy / viable method of transferring programs from one PC to another.

  melly0909 14:56 01 Feb 2007

silly question i know, i dont know much about the workings of a lap top. where is the disk?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:17 01 Feb 2007

You will need to look at the manual of the laptop - search the Toshiba site - to find out.

  Whaty 15:46 01 Feb 2007

You can remove the HD on a Toshiba Satalite quite easily, there are a few different models but generally there is just one screw you need to remove (but it isn't marked) and the HD slides out. Look at the underside of the unit near the cover for the RAM module, you should see two screws on the on the same side as the HD, from memory I think it's the one nearest the front edge of the PC. Remove the small cover over the HD and you should see a piece of tape, gently pull this tape to remove the HD.

But I'm still not sure why you can't use a monitor though? Once you've connected the monitor to the laptop you will need to set the laptop to show the display on the monitor, you do this using one of the function keys, not sure which, it might be F5 (in conjuction with the 'Function'key)?

  FreeCell 17:18 01 Feb 2007

I agree with Whaty about the monitor. If you press Function key and F5 together it will switch the display to the laptop screen, both laptop screen and pc monitor or just PC Monitor. Need to connect the monitor using the vga cable into the 15 pin D-socket on the back of your computer.

If the display on the pc monitor is "very very poor" then it sounds more like a problem with the laptop graphics.

  melly0909 10:53 02 Feb 2007

where is the function key

  FreeCell 11:03 02 Feb 2007

Usually between the CTRl and Alt key on the left of your keyboard. Press this key and the F5 key at the same time.

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