Mananin 10:21 25 Nov 2007

Can anyone confirm that Windows 98SE will support the installation of Broadband wired or wireless. I am considering BT Total Option1 either wired or wireless. The wireless option is probably preferred in order to work with a laptop. Mananin

  MAJ 10:34 25 Nov 2007

Yes 98se will support a BB connection. If your wireless access point comes with 98se drivers, the wireless will work as well.

  Mananin 10:47 25 Nov 2007

Thanks for quick resoponse MAJ. Presumably you mean that the provider (BT?) should supply the drivers together with the router and any other software. Apologies for ignorance. Mananin

  MAJ 11:01 25 Nov 2007

I don't use a BT BB connection Mananin so have never received any equipment from them, but I would expect that they supply all the disks needed to set it up. My Linksys wireless router came with all the software required, including that for Win 98se, Win ME, Win 2000 etc. so I can't see why BT's wouldn't be the the same.

  Cockney Rebel 11:12 25 Nov 2007

Hi Mananin,
Just to confirm that if you apply for BT B/band you will receive the necessary drivers along with the router and full installation instructions.

  Mananin 12:07 25 Nov 2007

Thanks Cockney Rebel. All sounds good.
One further point to push you chaps - at present I have BT dial-up internet via a built in modem. I am told I probably need a Network Switch (?) put into the comp. Presumably this would not necessarily come with the provider package. Any comments? Mananin

  martjc 12:13 25 Nov 2007

...a modem/router with your package. This acts as a switch. Doesn't go IN you pc - connects TO it. You won't need your dialup modem any more!

  MAJ 12:28 25 Nov 2007

When your equipment arrives from BT, Mananin, there will be instructions with it on exactly how to set it up. This will involve connecting your wireless modem router (supplied) to your laptop with an ethernet cable (supplied), plugging the wireless modem into your main BT telephone socket with the thinner (supplied) cable at the same time, then running the setup disk (supplied). When the wireless modem router has been setup, you ccan then disconnect the ethernet cable from the laptop. If your laptop is 'wireless ready', i.e. has an integrated wireless adapter (most new laptops do), it will detect the signal from the wireless modem router and allow you to connect wirelessly to the internet from the laptop. No extra Switch required. You will no longer need to use the dialup modem to connect.

  RWest 14:39 25 Nov 2007

I have a win 98 (not E - first edn; I didn't ralise at the tme I could upgrade) and broadband works perfectly on it, though i had an ethernt card put in. if this helps at all! It's connnected to 2 other PCs by mains plug adaptors and *once you get it worked out* it's ok

  Mananin 15:30 25 Nov 2007

To martjc,Maj and RWest Thanks for useful comments.

  100andthirty 17:37 25 Nov 2007

I have used Win 98SE with wireless and have only struggled with getting security to work, but last time I did this I got WEP working. If you're new to all this, WEP is the lowest form of security and it better than nothing.

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