Broadband....what's going on?!?!?!?!

  Fateful Shadow 19:28 15 Jun 2005

Our exchange (Highley) was meant to be enabled today....but when I put in my phone number it says it isn't any more. When I check my order with BT though, it says the date is still fine!

Anyone else had this?

Thanks :S

  octal 19:57 15 Jun 2005

Left hand and right hand come to mind, have you tried calling BT and see if they can make sense of it?

  wee eddie 20:02 15 Jun 2005

It's not the end of the world if things are delayed for a day or so.

Anyway I think that this site was swifter when I had a Dial-up connection!

  Fateful Shadow 20:27 15 Jun 2005

"We don't know" is all they could say. That, and that it looks like we're on the "considering considering" list (if you get that :S). I really do not want to be told that we're going to have to wait to do something that we were doing nearly 2 years ago, and that this whole "Your exchange will be available on the 15th" is a load of bull....

Thanks for the advice anyway. I'll wait til' tomorrow, and hope that it's just a glitch...

  Fateful Shadow 22:53 15 Jun 2005

I'm not too hopeful now. I've just checked out the other exchanges that were meant to be enabled today, and they are...

*Expletive deleted*

  sicknote 23:00 15 Jun 2005
  octal 06:21 16 Jun 2005

"We don't know" must be one the most hated phrases in the English language. If its backed up by "We don't know, but we'll find out and call you back" or "We don't know, but we know someone who can tell you" isn't so bad, no wonder you feel upset, I can feel the vibes in your posting.

I hope you get some satisfaction soon.

  Graham ® 08:19 16 Jun 2005

Have you plugged in and tried it? There is often a delay between the engineers enabling broadband and websites being updated.

  Forum Editor 08:21 16 Jun 2005

that like many construction/engineering projects, your exchange conversion has taken longer than expected. Some of these conversions are pretty involved, and consist of both construction and electronic engineering installations. I know how frustrating such delays can be, but there's little you can do about it (except let off a little steam here), so try to be as patient as you can.

  Fateful Shadow 10:41 16 Jun 2005

I contacted the BT Broadband number this morning and found out that the engineers don't seem to have a clue about what's going on either :S

I was told to contact BT Wholesale but got a reply of "Please note that unless you are a Service Provider or Reseller we are unable to respond to any queries relating to services provided indirectly by BT Wholesale."

If we do get put on this pre-reg program again (which I really hope we don't), it'll be like this year of waiting and of being told that broadband will be here would be for nothing. During this year we could've been getting people to sign up in interest.

I'm having so much fun at the moment :S

  Fateful Shadow 16:22 16 Jun 2005

They've finally given me some sort of indiction of what's going on. The exchange for Bridgnorth (which apparently handles the highley exchange too?) has overloaded. They do not have sufficient technology to cope anymore, and we lose out.

Hopefully they'll get some new technology pretty sharpish and we can get our broadband here!

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