professor 20:01 16 May 2003

hey ppl

im going to get a broadband\ADSL modem tomorrow sadly i only have around£80-90 as ive just gone an got lots of expensive stuff (1GB PC3200 and Radeon 9800pro) so what id like to know is what are the best ADSL\broadband modems at around £80-90 quid.

nice1, prof

  jediknight007 20:09 16 May 2003

Check the front of this page: click here

  jazzypop 20:21 16 May 2003

You could also go to and search for Quicklinx: 28NJWS - external USB ADSL modem, £23.50, 160+ in stock

If you have £90 to spend and think that you might want to network at some point, buy a router for £60-80ish

  professor 20:22 16 May 2003

oops...guess i should of mentioned i wanted tucked away in a PCI slot...sorry jedi


  jazzypop 20:32 16 May 2003

Dabs have internal PCI ones, too

  professor 21:25 16 May 2003

modem types isnt my what i want to know is what is the best type to go for ADSL,ISDN or broadband obviously i know broadband is best but in case i cant find a good broadband modem which has the better performance(for web browsing and file downloads) ISDN or ADSL


  jazzypop 21:33 16 May 2003

Broadband is a loose term for an internet connection that is faster than a dial-up modem.

ISDN and ADSL (as well as Cable) are specific types of broadband, although many, including myself,would not class ISDN as broadband.

If you want to use broadband technology, the first step is to sign up with a broadband provider. They will often (but not always) offer to provide you with the modem that you need.

If you are in an area with Cable TV, choose Cable broadband.

If you live close enough to an ADSL-enabled telephone exchange, choose ADSL.

If neither is available, consider ISDN.

Simply buying and fitting a 'broadband modem' will not give you a broadband service.

Visit BT's website to check whether you can have ADSL, or NTL or Blueyonder's sites to see if you can get Cable

  Muslimat79 23:05 16 May 2003

Why not sign up for AOL at this moment that provides free Broadband Modem.

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