Broadband wont work without phone picked up! WIERD

  andy88 09:16 14 Aug 2007

Hey, my broadband had been struggling to come on for a few days (repeated flashing amber light on the router) then I noticed it came fully on when the phone was picked up! then when the phone was put back down again the Internet light went back off again, so I tried plugging the router straight in to the master socket and I had no joy, just the amber flashing light, then i tried just 1 micro filter with the phone and router and no joy again (until I picked up the phone when the internet light comes on), I have tried a different phone with the same problem, I have exchanged microfilters and it made no difference and it was working great until a few days ago :(, the router I am using is a netgear router supplied by sky but i flashed this router (if thats the right term :\) to work with talk talk... I know, I know but the package really is great value for me lol ... well any ideas.. oh and this morning my wii started telling me there was no internet connection even though the light on the router is on, luckily my pc disagrees with my wii LOL, yeah any ideas??? please, i feel like im back in the days of dial-up choosing between phone or internet, i just cant believe that it wont work plugged straight into the master socket and needs a phone picked up on the line to work!

  Technotiger 09:19 14 Aug 2007

Have you checked with BT or who-ever, that your line may be faulty?

  Technotiger 09:21 14 Aug 2007

or perhaps if you simply re-set the router - disconnect router's Power, wait ten seconds then re-connnect Power.

  wee eddie 09:30 14 Aug 2007

on every Telephone Socket that you have?

Absolutely nothing connected direct to line.

  andy88 09:53 14 Aug 2007

I've tried with noting else connected yep and microfilters on every socket, I have disconnected the router for more than 10 secs aswell lol, talk talk did say that they were switching me over to some new equipment on the 13th of august but said that would only take 20mins but its been like this since Saturday, I just didn't think it would be a fault with them since the line is active as i can still get on the internet and still use the phone just not at the same time lol, I'll try ringing them but who do i ring?? it says the work was carried out by Openreach (part of BT) but apparently im totally on talktalk equipment now :P

  Technotiger 10:02 14 Aug 2007

Assuming you have a BT phone line, I would simply ask the Operator to do a line check. Dial 100 I think.

  johnnyrocker 10:07 14 Aug 2007

at all times you will be on bt equipment irrespective of your provider, your isp will be the bt customer so you will have to get your isp to initiate all the necessary work orders to resolve your issue.


  andy88 10:12 14 Aug 2007

dialling 100 takes me to talk talk, they are useless i'm gonna be wating ages lol

  umbongo(uk) 10:29 14 Aug 2007

ok have you only got one master socket

are there any INTERNAL extensions leading out from it

take a look at the link as i think you may have an extension inside the master box tht is not acting correctly

the diagrams will help you see were you may be having issues

click here

  andy88 11:35 14 Aug 2007

talk talk say my line is fully active

my master socket looks like this: [img]click here[/img]

the faceplate is on the top and its still working just the same i.e. when the phone is picked up the broadband will come on, no wires on the faceplate as you can see, thanks to everybody trying to help me!

  Stuartli 11:45 14 Aug 2007

>>i flashed this router (if thats the right term :\) to work with talk talk...>>

There could lie the problem.

However, see:

click here

and the other relevant TT information.

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