broadband wireless router

  ronalddonald 15:02 20 Feb 2008

i live in flat coverted from a house. My bt line master socket i belive is in the loft. The line travels from the loft through a drilled hole in the ceiling into my flat hallway. i be setting up broadband soon and probably using an AOL wireless router to connect to a laptop. would a wireles dongle work with the router. Should i leave the wireless router in the loft or place near my laptop in the flat living room. I thank you in advance for any good ideas you may have and for good advice thank you.

  Aargh 16:18 20 Feb 2008

A wireless dongle will 'see' your network as long as it is on the same wireless standard. You want your router/modem in range so your dongle can receive the signal. If you live in a flat I wouldn't put it where anyone else has access to it. Make sure you secure your network with passwords etc to stop your neighbours using your internet connection.

  Kemistri 17:04 20 Feb 2008

You must have a very old and basic notebook if you need to add W-LAN capability externally. Surely, it has an integrated mini-PCI receiver? You should check that in case you make an unnecessary purchase.

  ronalddonald 17:39 20 Feb 2008

I dont know what a mini pci reciver is i lloked in the maual and it talks a card bus and the modem as pci

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