Broadband with win98

  EJ1947 18:40 13 Mar 2008

Long way back in history question.
A pal has asked me this. He is running Win98 (1st edition) and he has been told by his forthcoming provider that he needs 98SE at least. I know he has and uses his USB ports and has an ethernet port which is what i thought would be the only concern. Does anyone know of any other reason win98 is not going to work with broadband.
And can 98SE be installed over 98 or is a fresh install needed.
Thanks for any advice.

  Sea Urchin 19:21 13 Mar 2008

It should work with Win98 but will probably need special drivers from the ISP and they may not provide them. But perhaps more successful if you use the ethernet route - just make sure that in Internet Options under Connections you tick "never dial a connection" otherwise it may try to connect using the internal modem.

  Totally-braindead 19:27 13 Mar 2008

I always thought that the reason it had to be the second edition of win 98 or above is due to the USB issues. I must be wrong and there must be another reason but what it is I don't know. I suppose it might be the drivers, perhaps a Win98SE driver won't work on a first edition computer - just a guess I've no idea if that is right or not.

I'm sure some of the Forum will be able to explain it as some have win 98 PCs and know a lot more about it than I do.

  EJ1947 19:35 13 Mar 2008

Thanks for those replies. He will use the ethernet as he has it so hopefully will work. I will leave thread open for any other input.

  martjc 19:41 13 Mar 2008

...doesn't have USB functionality - but it can be converted! But, Sea Urchin was right to suggest the ethernet route. It will probably work no matter what.

One reason ISPs discourage lesser OSs is tthat they have to train their staff to use ALL supported systems - and that, my friend, costs money to get right. It's for this reason they will specify later OSs only. VirginMedia only supports Vista, WinXP and possibly W2000 at present - with 2000 on the brink of being dropped.

EJ1947 - as for your last point, Yes SE can be installed over 98, but a fresh install would be preferred because of some small possibilities of error.

  Totally-braindead 19:47 13 Mar 2008

martjc that makes sense. I must admit I never thought of that aspect of it.

  EJ1947 19:49 13 Mar 2008

Good point martjc. Thanks

  EJ1947 19:54 13 Mar 2008


Just looked on sky bb website and they state OS win2000 or higher. So looks like he will have to upgrade. Next Q. can 2000 be slid over 98?

  Totally-braindead 19:58 13 Mar 2008

Would Win 2000 not slow it down so much it would be virtually unuseable?

A friend of mine installed XP on his old win98 PC the year before last, against my advice as I told him it was too slow, and the next thing that happened was he was on the phone asking me to change it back. Mind you it was a celeron 500 and XP I think uses more resources than win 2000.

  EJ1947 20:47 13 Mar 2008

Yes XP is more resource hungry. I think he would run 2000 ok as his processor is a 1800+ with 256 RAM. I ran XP on a pc of this spec once.
Does anyone know whether 2000 will install over 98 or is it a fresh install needed.

  xania 09:15 14 Mar 2008

Why not upgrade to SE, which is a far more robust system. Only £20 on Ebay. click here

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