broadband will work upstairs but not downstairs

  leeknight67 11:27 29 Oct 2006

Hello, I have just gone to talktalk broadband. I can not get Broadband to work downstairs where i need it most. I have Got The connection fine upstairs and it works fine. But when i try to connect downstairs it goes through the process of verifying username and password 6 or 7 times before saying cannot connect to remote computer. Please Help I am Stumped on this one



  JoE. 12:21 29 Oct 2006

How is the modem, etc. set up? i.e. which computer is it connected to?

How did you get the connection working fine upstairs?

Did any software come with the modem? Have you installed the appropriate software on the appropriate machine?

Have you followed the instructions to the letter? It sounds tedious but sometimes is the easiest solution.

  Stuartli 13:38 29 Oct 2006

Is it a wired or wireless setup or are you just connecting a second modem to the phone socket downstairs?

Have you also used a splitter/filter on all the phone sockets, answer phones, Sky box (if you have one) etc?

  leeknight67 13:56 29 Oct 2006

I just took my laptop upstairs and tried it on the phone socket. everything is fine as im on the internet upstairs. if i were to go to the downstairs plug it wont connect. put ive used the phone downstairs that works fine. its i wired modem

  Stuartli 14:09 29 Oct 2006

It could be a faulty socket.

If it's a BT Master socket which allows the removal on the front bottom section, try the connection in the test socket (via a splitter/filter).

  Graham. 14:27 29 Oct 2006

Check you're not connecting the modem via the TELEPHONE socket of a filter.

  leeknight67 15:45 29 Oct 2006

i have tested it in the bt master socket and still no joy. i am back upstairs. There cant be a fault with the master socket because i am using it upstairs?

  Fingees 15:48 29 Oct 2006

have you tried swapping your filters you have on the sockets.

You may just have a duff one downstairs.

  leeknight67 15:49 29 Oct 2006

yes that has been tried

  Stuartli 17:01 29 Oct 2006

>>There cant be a fault with the Master socket because i am using it upstairs?>>

Not necessarily so; depends on the extension's (or extensions') wiring at the Master socket.

  leeknight67 18:07 29 Oct 2006

i was using the internet downstairs 3 days ago but with another broadband provider

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