broadband why unsecure odd happenings?.

  frankie 20:57 01 Nov 2007

broadband why unsecure odd happenings?.bought second hand pc,cleaned it up as much as possible,pal lives in norfolk he is on bt broadband,prior to giving it to me he said he will just check his email he got 1 message, ok this is at his house in norfolk,i took pc set it up in mine at essex just plugged in my ethernet cable,i did not insert the bt disc of mine, i noticed net was on suprised me,then went to outlook express and picked up 4 emails of can this be...?.i removed his outlook details put in mine and got my can you have any account on a pc ?done me this.

  Technotiger 21:19 01 Nov 2007

Hmm not sure I fully understand what you are saying, but - how are you connecting to Internet, wired or wireless, modem or Router?

Your friend should have deleted his email account before handing the pc over to you, but as you have now deleted it that should not cause any problems.

If you have not used your bt disc to set up your account at your place, perhaps you are getting connected wirelessly through a near neighbours unsecured wifi.

  frankie 22:21 01 Nov 2007

no i have bt broadband in my name id etc on home pc just plugged in new pc on ethernet none of my details and it connected so i could get pals emails,not only that now turned on my work laptop and cnneted at once home pc is bt homehub mine

  Technotiger 22:23 01 Nov 2007

Oh fine, so no problem there then. I too have the bt homehub, good bit of kit.

  Ashrich 22:30 01 Nov 2007

If you have the correct details in a mail program then you can download your emails from anywhere when using broadband , like in a coffee house for example , what has happened is that you connected to HIS mail account because it was HIS details in Outlook Express. Think about it , people take their laptops all around the the country , they connect to a broadband source ( wired or wireless ) and they can get their emails , you no longer have to connect through only your ISP's servers any more , you can cross over from one to another , such is the state of play nowadays .


  skidzy 22:31 01 Nov 2007

If you are using a router,it will work, as the router retains the required settings if using ethernet,ive done exactly this,this week.

Im wondering if you have switched identies regarding the email client and receiving his email.

  Ashrich 22:33 01 Nov 2007

I should have added that this is only through a network card ( LAN ) or wireless , obviously using a USB modem is a different kettle of fish , that is only one step away from dial up and does have specific connection details .


  Ashrich 22:37 01 Nov 2007

Frankie says the details of the previous owner were then deleted and their own put in and then they got their own emails , so the last owners account was still there before anything else was entered so on starting up OE it automatically downloaded his first .


  skidzy 22:42 01 Nov 2007

i have read the post three times now,but was the original account deleted before going online ?
Maybe im misreading the original post !

Your post makes perfect sense if it was a matter of just plugging in before removing the old account.

  Ashrich 22:53 01 Nov 2007

From what I can understand , the original account was still there when Frankie went online and opened OE , therefore it will download whatever it's told to ...until it is reset with the new account details .


  frankie 22:57 01 Nov 2007

the original account was still there when i went from norfolk to essex i still connected to pals acc

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